Friday, January 3, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  It's Friday??? Today doesn't really feel like Friday, it feels more like a Tuesday!  This whole getting a day off in the middle of the week really messes with my internal week schedule!  This morning I woke up and realized I hadn't turned in the Mr's time so that He can get paid...(It's due by Tuesday-Wednesday, woops!)

2.  I'm freezing. I realize that we aren't in the single digits or the sub zero temps like the northern states are, but it's FREEZING here.  Until you have experienced 21 degree weather with high humidity, then don't say I don't know what cold is.  I grew up in the North, I went to bible college in Northern Wisconsin where it would get to -60 with wind chill in the winter, I know cold.  But this southern cold it brutal!  It gets into your bones and you can't get warm.  That, and my 1000 sq foot office is heated off 2 little space heaters.  When we came in the morning my office was a chilly 47 degrees, and in the past 2 1/2 hours it's made it up to 56 degrees. 

3.  My Father in Law is a saint.  Like seriously.  His office is about 25 miles north of my office.  He supposed to be meeting My Mr. with a Jet Heater so that my toes don't fall off.  My MR. is also a Saint.  Yesterday I dropped the pendant of my necklace that he gave me for my birthday down the drain.  And He took my drain apart last night to get it out for me.  I promptly washed it in Alcohol! 

I covered the sink in Press & Seal because otherwise I would forget and run water in it....
4.  It's really no secret that the Mr & I have already started stocking up on baby gear.  No, we aren't pregnant.  I started buying baby stuff this past spring.  Anything to do with baby and pregnancy is EXPENSIVE!  I decided that if I kept an eye out for gently used Baby Items for cheap then I could save us TONS of money, and have the time to find the things that I really liked without feeling like I had to settle for something I didn't really like just because it was cheap or end up having to pay full price. 

With that being said.  I saw this on a local resale FB group...

The Lady was selling it for $35.  I contacted her to see if it was still available, and while I was waiting on her to respond, I decided to try and find out how much one was new.  It took a little searching because she hadn't listed the brand, and I didn't know exactly what it was called.  Finally, I found the exact one on Amazon, for $38 shipped.

 So, I offered her $25.   I felt like it was a fair offer since I could get it for $38 brand new.   I could tell by the tone of her message that she was a little irritated by my offer.  She told me that she paid over $60 for it brand new and her son had only used it a few times, (Her son looked to be 12-16 months) and she had other people offering her the full $35..  You can't really blame her for trying to get $35 out of it, if people are silly enough to pay the $35, then more power to her for getting that much.

However, here's the Deal-o Yo,, It doesn't matter if you paid $60 for it new over a year ago, if the going rate is $38, don't get offended when I offer you $25 for a USED product that I will have to go pick up!  It would cost me more in gas & time to go get it that it would to buy it new! 

A Buyer's Tip: if you, the buyer, are looking to buy used items for whatever reason, whether it be on Craig's list, classifieds, or local FB resale pages, make sure that you do your research to find out what the item costs brand new, and then figure out how much your time & gas to go pick it up is going to cost you!   I'm all about getting used items, but if someone is asking just $10 less for a used item than what I can get it brand new, then it's not even worth my gas to get it used!

5.  I've been keeping a secret from most people....  I stopped using deodorant & Shampoo about a month ago. 

Let's start with the Shampoo.  I've done the "no poo" thing before, and gave up after about a month.  My hair looked dull and lifeless.  But now it seems that any shampoo that I try makes my hair greasy, and I've tried a bunch of it.  So I'm back to trying out baking soda & vinegar.  I'm still in the adjustment phase, so I can't go a day without washing my hair or I get pretty greasy, but I'm hoping the end is in sight and that this will all be worth it!.

Deodorant...I have a post planned for this soon.  I'm waiting to perfect my recipe before I share it with you.  I've tried out buying natural deodorants from a few different places, but each one made my armpits break out.  The last one I tried made my pits breakout so bad that they peeled.  Not fun. 

Apparently the Ph in baking soda, which is a common ingredient in natural deodorant is too much for my armpits to handle, and they revolt. 

The recipe I originally came up with was 1 part Baking soda to 1 part Arrow Root Powder, but I found that it was still too much baking soda, and I had put in some tea tree oil, which I now regret because it makes me smell awful.

I switched over to a spray that used 91% rubbing alcohol and Lemon/Lime essential oils.  I never noticed myself stinking, but at the end of the day I could smell some not pleasant scents if I was just trying to smell my pits. 

So last night, I tried out my recipe again, making a few adjustments to it!  Hopefully this will work, and I'll be able to share my recipe with you!


Well that's all folks!  Y'all have a fabulous weekend. 

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  1. I'm freezing inside my house right now! And we did have to go outdoors today, it was 0 degrees with a negative something windchill...definitely the kind of cold that gets in your bones, but for me, pretty much anything under 32 is just miserable cold! I don't exactly understand those who say they LOVE winter...I could live without it!
    We use the Tom's natural-ish deodorant, that's worked well for us the last couple years.


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