30 by 30

I saw this idea on a blog I stumbled across the other day and I thought it was SUPER cute!
I'll turn 30 on December 6, 2016.  CrAzY!!! 

You can read my initial Blog Here

In Progress
None Done Yet

Began: 6/14/2013
Finish: 12/06/2016

1. Run a 1/2 marathon
2. Plant a flower garden so I have fresh cut flowers in my house all summer long
3. Have a baby
4. Work out for 30 days STRAIGHT
5. Become a morning person (10/2013-11/2013)
(I now wake up at 5 am.  I'm not a cheerful morning person yet, but I am in fact an early riser now!)
6. Give up sugar for 30 days.
7. Go on a cruise
8.  Complete a month of "no spending".
9. Maintain a Paleo Lifestyle
10. Go Camping
11. Complete a 30 day juice fast
(Completed 11/20 - 36 Days)
Read about it here!
12. Make a cleaning schedule and make it routine
13. Plan and execute a surprise weekend getaway for the Mr.
14. Get family pictures done of my side of the family!
15. Make the bed every morning for 30 days.
16. Go without Social Media for a 30 days (6/15/2013) Read about it here
17. Take up Yoga
18. Go Sky Diving
19. Scratch the Mr's Back every night for a month.
20. Learn how to water ski
21. Eat fresh seafood from the coast
22. Make Flossing a habit.
23. Do something unexpected for my MR once a month.
24. Save an extra $20 for each item I complete. ($0/$600)
25. Decorate our new Home
Living Room
 Master Bath
Dining Room
Bedroom #1 (Hello Kitty Room)
Bedroom #2
Guest Bath
Turn upstairs into workout area/craft room
26. Read a new book every month (15/41)
27. Learn how to can and freeze fruits & vegetables
28. Grow a successful vegetable garden with at least 7-10 different vegetables
 2014 Garden:
Boston Pickling Cucumbers, Zucchini, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers,
Banana Peppers, Cantaloupe, Summer Squash, "India" Squash

29. Try 3 new recipes a month (18/123)
June '13
30. Grow my hair out to my waist and then donate it to locks of love!
Due to Hashimoto's about 1/3 of my hair fell out, so I cut it all off!  I'm growing it back out now though!
Well folks, that's the list.  It will be interesting to look back when I'm 30 to see what I've accomplished and to make up a new list!

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