Friday, September 27, 2013

His biggest fan!

I'm writing from the recliner tonight, I'm so thankful it's Friday! The MR. had to work last Sunday, so we'll actually get to spend this weekend together! Even though we work together, our Sundays are sacred ground. It's my day to spend with my favorite person!

I don't know about y'all, but I hate being around other women that are negative about their man.  I always have such a hard time knowing what to say when they complain about them, or humiliate them in front of others. No one is perfect, I know there are times when my MR. Makes me mad or irritates the fire out of me, but he's my man, he's my person. For the 1 time he drives me nuts, there are 100 other times He's going out of his way to love me!  I don't want people to know about the 1 negative, bc that is what they will remember when I've long since moved on, I want them to know about the 100 other times when he loves and cherishes me! 

Let's turn over a new leaf, let's stop complaining about our men and start uplifting them! He's your man! He's your Hero, He's your person! Let's show our men that we are their biggest fan, their greatest support. Let's be their person! 

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