Saturday, September 21, 2013

100th Post

It's Official --- My Little blog has reached it's 100th post.  I'm not sure what exactly I had to talk about for 100 posts, but I'm sure that one day I'll be thankful that I can go back and read about where I was in life!

Not a whole lot going on today.  The scrap yard is sloooooooow this morning, which makes my day DRAG BY.  I was highly disappointed when in my early morning delirium, somehow I talked myself into the fact that it was Sunday and I could sleep in past 6:15.  

The floors in my office are getting cleaned this weekend.  To say that they are dirty would be an understatement.  They are nasty.  Even when they are swept and mopped they are nasty.  The building we are in sat empty for several years, and when we moved in, we never had them stripped and rewaxed.  That coupled with the fact that a scrap yard has lots of DIRT that blows under my doors, added with the dirt that the guys track in on their boots, my floors are just filthy on a consistent basis.   
See..I told you.  NASTY!  And this is after we swept! 

We emptied out all the furniture yesterday, the only thing left is my computer desk.  I'll break it down after we close the gate at 12!  I feel kind of bad for the guys that are coming into clean them--they have their work cut out for them!

After work we are having lunch with some friends, some errands to run, then I'm feeling an easy movie night at home with My MR.  We are both pretty wiped out!

My mom sent me some sweet corn this week, straight from the my Dad's fields in NY.  Even 4 days old it was still better than anything you can get here in Mississippi! 


I decided to be nice and share with my in-laws last night for dinner, since this will be the last year that I will get NY sweet corn!

I figured that for my 100th post, I would have something inspiring to leave you with, or at least an awesome recipe.  But I don't--it's just some more ramblings of my life!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Go spend it outside!  It's GORGEOUS here!

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