Monday, August 5, 2013

World, Meet Molly.

I've had a few dogs in my life.  I for my first dog when I was 14.  Some person with no heart left him in a box outside of my parents market.  He weighed less than 2 lbs, could barely walk, and I'm fairly certain that his eyes weren't open yet.  I begged my dad to keep him.  He agreed, thinking the mutt was going to die.  I named him Sunshyne.  He became the market mascot.  Every one loved him.  Seriously.  He was the best.  He stayed around longer than I did, and my mom eventually booted him out of her house to the farm, but everyone loved him & spoiled him to death.  He thought he was King of the Farm.

A few years after I moved to the lovely state of Mississippi, I lived with a girl that had a miniature schnauzer, Gus.  This dog was pretty cool.  Laid back, smart, & the best part?  He didn't shed!!!  She was getting married, leaving me to go back to living by myself, so I decided to get my own Miniature Schnauzer, Kc

Gus wasn't quite so sure of Kc at first, and was pretty perturbed with us for bringing him home...but they eventually became best buds.
Kc was a hot mess.  He got into everything, and chewed up more stuff than I care to admit!
When he was a little over a year old, he suddenly got sick & died a few days later of congenital renal failure.
It was horrible.
I was stupid enough to watch the vet put him down.
Any possible side effect that could have happened when they administered the drugs, happened.
I swore I would never get another dog...
And then the Mr. walked in with these....
Someone had dropped these little rascals off in his Mom's flower bed. 
They were covered in fleas & ticks.  It was horrible.
Their ears had so many ticks in them, you couldn't even see their ear canal. 
Oh yea, and they had mange.
Not the kind that is contagious, but the kind that is a genetic auto immune disorder.
So every time Diesel boy gets stressed out, he get another bout of mange!
We ended up giving the girl dog away, and we kept diesel.
For the first while after I start working at the scrap yard Diesel would go to work with us every day.
But he refused to ride in the back,
So he sat in the middle.
Diesel was a wanderer & a scavenger.
I can't tell you how many shoes we found in our front yard from our neighbors.
At one point He even brought home a 1/2 full bag of dog food.
When we bought out home we knew that we didn't want him inside,
He was too big, and too dirty.
But The Mr's Parents didn't want us to leave him at the scrap yard,
So since they have a large fenced in back yard,
and several other dogs,
They decided to keep him.
He's much happier there than He ever was with us!
Well then my little ovaries started complaining,
and I finally told the Mr. that I either needed a baby or a puppy.
But if it was a puppy,
It needed to be a small dog that didn't shed.
And we found "tess"
We adopted her from "save one pet",
And renamed her Molly.
She's a Min Pin/Miniature Schnauzer mix
 And she's about butt ugly,
but for now she's helping cure my baby itch...

She's about as sweet as she is ugly, which makes up for her ugliness,
and she listens, most of the time. when she wants to.
She's also loves to cuddle in the chair with you.
So world,
meet Molly.
The Newest 4 legged addition to the N Family.

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