Tuesday, July 9, 2013

That time I tried something new

I'm not afraid to try new things.
I really not afraid to try new FREE things.
That's how I stumbled on Firmoo.
1st time customers get a pair of glasses for FREE!
I found a pair that I thought looked cute...
The Website has this feature where you can upload your picture and see how they look....
They definitely did NOT turn out as cute as I thought.
You could cut them in half and they still might look ridiculous.
At the risk of ridicule,
Particularly from my sisters...
(I mean, J had a pair that were bigger than these in high school, and SHE thought they were like totally rad)
Go Ahead and laugh hysterically.
The MR. Did.
I don't think even having makeup on could have saved those babies...
I would use Firmoo again, if I could find glasses that didn't look ridiculous.
They were extremely affordable,
and the glasses seemed to be good quality!
If you're looking for a good laugh,
go to Firmoo.com and order you a pair.
After all, the first pair is a free!

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  1. Ha ha, they aren't that bad. They are kind of an interesting shape though. Maybe you could spray paint them or something? :P


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