Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Feeling crappy {Master Cleanse Take 2}

Today I feel like crap.
I can't Think through the fog.
I'm Crabby.
I mean seriously Grumpy.
I think Even my Toes are grumpy.
This. Is. Horrible.
Last night I had a headache that flattened me out on the couch.
You know,
The kind where any kind of light or sound makes you want to scream at whatever is creating it...
The only thing from stopping me from going to the nearest Sonic and chowing down on the biggest cheeseburger and fries that they have....?
My desire to get myself healthy outweighs it.
This too shall pass.
In a few days.
I Hope.
Master Cleanse Day 2
Mood: Grumpy & Highly Irritable
Energy Level: Lethargic
Mental Clarity: Extremely Foggy
Headache: None
Overall Wellbeing: Pretty Horrible.
This Post doesn't even deserve any happy pictures....

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