Monday, July 8, 2013

Garden Update

My delightful little garden has started producing!
I have been getting 1 or 2 zucchini's here and there,
and a few Roma Cherry Tomatoes here and there,
But nothing too serious.
Over the past week my little plant babies have really started to flourish!

I'm just waiting on these babies to start turning yellow and red/orange!



A few of my tomato plants looks like they are starting to get Blight again,
So I sprayed them down with the baking soda mix last night
(1 T Baking Soda, 2 1/2 T. Coconut Oil (or any kind), 1 gallon of water)
Baking Soda is a natural antifungal,
The Oil helps the baking soda stick to the leaves,
Plus I feel like Coconut Oil is going to do miracles for the plants anyway!
and the water is the carrier!
My Pickle Plants are looking a little rough,
The stems have started turning yellow,
and the leaves are turning pale green and then yellow.
After putting my mad google skills to work,
I found out that they are one of the following:
 1. Over watered (highly unlikely)
2. Under watered (That's a potential, but not likely)
3. Need Fertilizer (that's a serious potential since I am container gardening)
4. Have a fungus
5. Have some kind of  Microscopic insect that is eating the life out of them.
So I decided to conquer them all.
I fertilized the soil,
Sprayed them down with my baking soda mix for the fungus,
and then sprinkled them with 7 dust for the bugs.
We'll see if they start to perk up!
I've already gotten a small batch of pickles out of them.
Today is the 9th and final day of the process.
When I get home tonight I am going to stuff those babies in jars
& Process them!

(Day 1)
(Day 8)
The recipe makes sweet pickles,
But I'm throwing in some jalapenos to hopefully end up with Sweet & Spicy!
I just need a few more to be able to get another small batch started!
 Here's the Best part of this garden thing...
I got the MR. to admit that my tomatoes "weren't that bad"
And He HATES tomatoes.
When I prepared them like my Dad always eats them in the summer time...

Sliced with Mayo, Salt and Pepper,
He LOVES them.
He even asked me to cut him up with own tomato after I let him have a bite of mine!
Once I get a few more I am going to juice & can them!

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