Saturday, July 6, 2013

Persistence... {How I Met My Mr.}

July 4th, 2011- July 16th, 2011
When we look back on those 12 days,
We remember very different things.
I remember being very NOT interested,
but I didn't have the guts to tell him as much.
So..I would text him back here and there,
& Ignore many texts in between.
I thought he was NUTS when he asked me to go to a Jason Aldeen Concert with him...
Who the CRAP was Jason Aldeen,
& Why was this crazy boy asking me to go to a concert with him over a month away?
So I very politely told a tiny white lie...
My Sister & I really were trying to convince my Mom to Fly in for my Niece's 1st Birthday Party,
(I eventually told him the truth....after we were engaged...)
Isabelle Turns 1!
So I just couldn't go because she was going to be in town...
(Even if I knew it was never going to happen!)
And My Dog Really DID chew up my phone cord,
And I really DID have to charge my phone in my car until I got a new one....
 I was trying to give him the hint by not responding a lot,
hoping he would just go away.
The little booger kept texting.
I found out later that he had a few choice words to say about me at the time,
Words that wouldn't be appropriate to say on a blog that my Momma reads...
I may or may not have deserved it...
Most guys probably would have given up after the 1st week...
All Guys would have given up after 2nd Week...
But Not My Guy.
He says that when He sees something He Likes,
He doesn't give up until it's His...

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