Saturday, June 15, 2013

This one's for you babe...

Yesterday I posted about 30 things that I want to do before I turn 30.
You can follow my progress through the tab above.
The Mr. read through it last night and actually laughed at me when he got to the one about giving up social media for 30 days.
He hates Facebook.
He told me that I couldn't do it.
It's my "go to"
when I'm bored,
or just need something mindless to do.
And I'm ridiculously nosey. 
Then there's Twitter...
Other mindless activity that we like to do driving to and from work...
There is usually something hysterical posted that gives us a good laugh.
But we also miss out on potential great conversation.
Pinterest is another thing that I love to browse through.
There are some seriously EPIC ideas on there.
So this one's for you babe.
For the next 30 days,
I'm going on a social media diet.
I am "detoxing" some bad habits.
The one exception is if I need something that I already pinned on Pinterest, no browsing allowed!
So while these blogs will probably get posted through Bloglovin' on my FB wall,
I will not physically be logging in, posting anything, or commenting.
So if you have a comment,
you're going to actually have to comment below.
If you need me,
you are going to have to text, e-mail or call me.
That's a wrap my FB Friends.
I'll see you on July 15th, around 10:01 AM!

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