Saturday, June 15, 2013

Once upon a time....

Once upon a time there was a girl that grew up on a farm...
Every summer her amazing Father would get on his tractor and plant her a row of Pickling cucumbers,
(And eventually He would begin to plant her several rows of Gladiolas.)
It would then be her job to hoe them,
Pick them,
Wash them,
Sort them,
And sell them.
And it seemed like a lot of work.
This little girl grew up,
moved to a very distant land,
got married,
and decided that since she had grown up on a farm,
And had "grown" her very own pickles,
that it wouldn't be TOO hard to grow her own vegetables.
That Silly Little girl,
She had so much to learn!
The dirt where she lived was not the deep, rich, black dirt of her homeland.
She actually had to go BUY dirt!

The seeds that her Dad would plant for her now had to be bought as plants,
(because she started to late to plant her own...silly girl!)
And she learned the hard way that Lowe's plants are Triple the price of a Co-op!

So, she bought her plants and Her Prince Charming brought her home some crates from work.
And without knowing a thing about farming,
She planted her little plants in her crates.
 She planted,
Pickling Cucumbers,
Bell Peppers
Cherry Peppers,
and Zucchinni!

And she had her guard watching over them.

And she borrowed some little helpers to help make them grow.

And the plants grew.
And they got Blight
And they got bugs.
And then when she moved they got wind burnt from the trip.
But Alas,
The young girl called her Father about the bugs,
And he told her to get 7 dust,
which isn't organic,
but when she tried dawn dish soap it tried to kill her precious plants.
So she learned, again, that her Father is usually right.
And she googled blight,
And she found that baking soda and oil mixed with water would cure them,
And she picked off the dead leaves from the wind
And her little baby plants are somehow still miraculously growing.
To Be continued.....

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