Sunday, June 16, 2013

They Grew! They Actually Grew!

Apparently what we thought was a black thumb,
may not be so black after all!


Excuse the white powder.  Some tiny bugs decided my leaves would taste wonderful for their dinner...
So I had to get all unorganic on their butts with some 7 dust.


My little plant babies are actually growing.
I actually am A LOT surprised by this.
I know that the season has barely begun,
and a lot can still go wrong,
but people.
I ate the first tomato that I have Ever  grown today.
It was delish.
I don't really even like tomatoes by themselves.
I love to cook with them,
put them in a salad,
on a sandwich.
But I'm not the kind of girl to just pop a tomato in her mouth and go
That Red tomato that you see up there.
I popped that baby off the step,
Rinsed it off with my hose,
and popped that thing in my mouth.
Maybe I didn't pop it in my mouth.
It may have been a nibble.
But after my nibble I popped the rest of it in my mouth.
Then when I realized how good it was,
I found a found the other red tomato, 3 crates back.
Before I devoured that 'lil guy,
I went inside to grab my camera,
and documented that I, Hillary Fay N grew a tomato.
Ok, I grew 4 tomatoes.  The 3 you see, plus the 1 in my belly. 

The other 2 I accidentally knocked off a week ago and had to wait for them to get ripe!


I learned a very important lesson today.
Tomatoes that are allowed to riped to their peak are WAY better than tomatos that ripen on the counter.
Their flavor is deeper & Richer,
and they don't have that sour twang to them!
So listen here little bunny foo-foo that I could eyeing out my plants the other night...
There is a bee-bee gun waiting for you if you try to come snatch away my tomatoes before they can fully ripen!
PS.  Those Grape tomatoes that you see up there are really suppose to be Roma tomatoes.  But somehow I let the MR. convince me that Roma GRAPE tomatoe were really Roma tomatoes.
Oh well.  I'm sure I'll find a good use for them!
I'm not convinced I have a green thumb yet.
This may just be beginers luck,
I may have just painted my thumb green just to see what happens....
But maybe,
Just maybe,
Some of the J's Farming Genes were passed to me!


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