Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dear My MR.

Dear My MR.

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think you are.  I am SO blessed to be your wife.
Thank you for unloading the dishwasher last night when I wasn't feeling up to par.  You're the best.
And Thank you for not getting too upset when I ruined your new shirt when I did laundry.  Opps!  I'll try to get it fixed.  Promise!

I love that you are so protective of me.  You will do anything in your power to fix something that is causing my pain.  You come to my defense what someone is treating me poorly. 

I still can't believe that you chose me to your yours.  How did I get so lucky?  The day that you asked me to be yours forever was one of the happiest days of my life. 

I love that you constantly show me that you only have eyes for me.  I know that there are girls that are prettier than me, but I know that to you, I am the most beautiful.  I love that this morning when I woke up, and my hair resembled cousin it, and I had raccoon eyes, and I had bed breath, that you told me that I was gorgeous.

I love that you work so stinkin hard for me every. day.  From the moment you get up in the morning, to when you lay down beside me at night you are constantly working.  I love you so much for that!  Even though you probably don't like me so much for posting those 2 pictures right now,  it's okay, because I think your smokin' hot!
Yup.  You're my most favorite thing ever.  And I love you.  A Whole Awful lot!  I even like you  too!!!
Yours for infinity x infinity,
Your MRS.

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