Friday, June 14, 2013

30 by 30

If you look up 2-3 inches on your screen you'll notice a new tab, "30 by 30".  In just a few short (3) years, I'll be turning 30.  It's crazy to think about.  I remember when 30 seemed SO old, yet I still feel SO young!  I think that goals and aspirations are wonderful things to have!  So, I've made a list of 30 things that I want to do by the time that I've turned 30.  I'll just update the tab up above as things progress and get completed, and probably get a few blog posts out of it as it goes along! 

1. Run a 1/2 marathon
(I've signed up twice now, and sold my number both time!)
2. Plant a flower garden so I have fresh cut flowers in my house all summer long
(I love flowers.  When the Mr. and I were dating I got flowers every week until we got engaged and had a wedding to pay for!)
3. Have a baby
(and the in-laws said "AMEN")
4. Work out for 30 days STRAIGHT
 (going for a walk can only be used 1x per week, and it must be a brisk 30 min walk)
5. Become a morning person
 (I am SO not a morning person.  But if I can become a morning person then I'll be able to work out in the morning and thus complete #4)
6. Give up sugar for 30 days.
(Sugar is TERRIBLE for you anyway, this is separate from #8!)
7. Go on a cruise
(Yes, PLEASE!)
8. Complete a month of no spending!
9. Maintain a Paleo Lifestyle
10. Go Camping
(like in a tent!)
11. Complete a 30 day juice fast
(I've done 2 weeks previously!)
12. Start and finish P90x or insanity
(I've started it many times....)
13. Plan and execute a surprise weekend getaway for the Mr.
(I've done this once before--but he figured it out!)
14. Get family pictures done of my side of the family!
(The last one we had done was at my wedding)
15. Make the bed every morning for 30 days.
(I HATE making the bed!!!)
16. Go without Social Media for a 30 days
(Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Instagram)
17. Take up Yoga
18. Learn to be better at keeping in contact with family and friends.
19. Scratch the Mr's Back every night for a month.
(this is an ongoing joke in our household--explanation in a later post)
20. Learn how to water ski
(it just looks fun)
21. Eat fresh seafood from the coast
22. Make Flossing a habit.
23. Write the Mr. a love note at least once a month
24. Save an extra $20 for each item I complete. ($0/$600)
25. Decorate our new Home
(if you know me...I am NOT a decorator!)
26. Read a new book every month (0/41)
27. Learn how to can and freeze fruits & vegetables
(I know a little bit from my mom canning, but I need to learn and practice this lost skill!)
28. Grow a successful vegetable garden with at least 7-10 different vegetables
(this year (2013) I have Tomatoes, Peppers, pickling cucumbers & Zucchinni)
29. Try 3 new recipes a month (0/123)
 (It's too easy for me to get into a rut!)
30. Grow my hair out to my waist and then donate it to locks of love!
(it's already mid shoulder blade, but I need incentive to not chop it off!)


  1. Glad to see you have 'have a baby' on there. ;) It's good to not wait years and years and years for many reasons. Love the flowers! I just planted a bunch around my house and it's so cheerful! You can't dye your hair in any way if you want to give it to locks of love, I wanted to a few years ago but I had highlighted my hair years before.

    1. It's always been the plan to have a baby! We just wanted to wait and grow in our marriage before joining the baby train, especially since we got married so quickly! We believe children are a blessing and not a burden at any time God blesses us with one, even if it's not in our timing, but it has been right for us to wait! And I refuse to dye my hair! Once you start you have to keep it up or be ok with it looking crappy for a long time! :)


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