Monday, June 10, 2013

Cowboys, Vaca & some Trader Joe's

The Mr & I took a much needed R&R this past weekend.
We got to see...
Amongst others....
The Mr. had a BLAST!!!
Concerts aren't really my thing,
but he is in his ELEMENT at them,
And being able to experience this with him,
and watching him enjoy every minute,
made dealing with the little flirtatious hoes sitting next to us that wore dresses & shorts that barely covered their hiney cheeks, and got up to move 2 or 3 times every act--gah, they were annoying! staying up until 1 am every night worth it!
 My favorite part was being able to sleep in every morning,
and have a relaxing afternoon! 
I may have even...

I Love it!  The Mr. thinks it's hot :)  It Hurt.  Not gonna lie about that one.  To put it in perspective...imagine stubbing your toe on a concrete block, only on your nose.  And then the perpetual feeling of having a giant boogie stuck in your nose.  The pain went away in a few hours.  The boogie feeling has yet to subside!
We seriously had a blast.  Spending QT time with the Mr. is my favorite!  I know that we spend all day, every day together, but there is something about being together outside of our normal routine that is amazing.  No work.  No stress or worries that come with work to think about.  No house to clean, bed to make, dishes to do, or lawn to cut.  Just us.
You see my awesome hair day I was having up there...yea.  It rained as soon as we parked our car and started walking. 
This guy....geesh.  He makes me all twitterpated!
Sunday before we headed home we went to my favorite store....
Why can't Memphis have one? 
This morning life can back with a vengeance.
It's back to the grind,
but at least I have some yummy Trader Joe's snacks to make the day a little easier!


  1. Oh my gosh you pierced your nose! It looks like you guys had fun! :) It's good to get away now and then.

    1. I've wanted it done for a long time! I think it's adorable, but I just could never get one because my job didn't allow it! The last just "us" vacation we went on was for our honeymoon, so it was really nice just to get away from all the business responsibilities for a few days and breath! It's so hard for us to get away for just a few days!!


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