Monday, March 11, 2013

Sheets, Dishwashers, scales, & 4 am ....

First of all,
4 am.  I Despise you.  You make for a really long day!
My mom came to visit the South for a few days,
She stayed with us last night,
and we got to drive her back to the airport this morning,
at 4:30 this morning.
And being the wonderfully sweet daughter that I am,
I got up and made her a fruit & nut snack mix to munch on the plane for breakfast.
Ya know,
Pumpkin Seeds,
Totally Yumminess in a baggy!
We got home around 5:30,
And the Mr. Was gracious enough to let me sleep until 6:30!
Getting to spend the precious moments with my mom.
Totally worth it!
The happy thing at 4 am was the scale.
I tried numerous things in the past years to lose this unwanted weight.
The solution?
This pesky thyroid of mine.
Who would have thunk it.
My weight tracker App alerted me to the fact that I have lost 22 lbs...
This means, that I am at the weight I was when I moved to Mississippi 4 years ago.
I'll take that for a happy at 4 am!
                                                                                             / \

------This Hottie and I are anxiously waiting to hear back from our realtor to find out if the seller's chose our offer....
OR the other people's offer.
Either way it's slightly terrifying!
I keep telling myself that there is no reason for my stomach to be all knotted up,
whichever way it goes, it is completly out of my control!
we really want this house.
We've been pretty slow this morning,
and all my work is caught up, (mostly)
so I spent some time on Pinterest looking...


I found the PERFECT setup for our master bedroom,
that will of course fit perfectly between the 2 windows in the house we are bidding on.
I mean, It's perfect.
I love it.
The MR. loves it.
He can build it.
So then what do I do???
My genious self gets online & starts looking for bedding.
And of course I found the PERFECT bed set
to go with the PERFECT room decor,
 for the PERFECT house,
 that isn't ours.
At the end of the day though,
If we do get this house we will be thrilled,
BUT, if we don't get this house, we will be slightly disappointed.
and that's ok!
As much as we want our own home
Our own place,
We both know that God's plan for our lives is SO much better than our own.
If he had chosen this house for us,
 then it's all going to work out.
And if this house isn't for us,
then it's still all going to work out!
I am choosing to not let myself to get stressed out about it.
There is no point!
Why choose to stress about something that you have ZERO control over anyway?
Now...if I could just get the knots in my tummy to go away....
Oh yea.
This PERFECT house,
has a dishwasher.
But it also has carpet in the kitchen.
(Ok, so our PERFECT house, needs LOTS of TLC)
Oh well...It has a dishwasher!
I don't think I've ever been so excited to have a dishwasher.
What am I going to do with all the extra time that I won't be handwashing all our dishes,
In this PERFECT house
That Isn't ours?
That has this NOT so perfect, light.
I mean REALLY?
Who thought that was a good idea???

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