Thursday, March 14, 2013

What do you eat when you can't eat anything?

So far, I am a HUGE fan of juicing.
I like it.
It's Healthy.
Most of the time it's tasty.
It keeps me full.
It's fairly easy.
It's safe.
I get really overwhelmed when I think about that long list of things that I can't have right now.
And it really scares me to things about the process of adding foods back into my diet.
I really don't want to go back to feeling crappy!
Like the sometimes silly girl that I am I tried some rice at a restaurant last weekend.
It was rice pilaf. 
White rice.
TONS of preservatives I'm sure.
I felt TERRIBLE the next day.
I have also had some shrimp and crawfish.
Thankfully I didn't have any adverse reactions to either of those!
I decided that this week I was going to start adding in non-juiced vegetables back into my diet!
Last night the MR. was having tacos for dinner,
and I had made homemade quacomole to go with it.
FINALLY!  Something yummy that I can have!
THEN I got the awesome idea to make quacomole wraps with lettuce leaves.
My creative juices really started to flow.
I sauted some mushrooms and red bell peppers with some garlic, spices & homemade chicken broth (inplace of butter or olive oil).  I added a little all natural salsa to the mix and let those babies cook away.
While the veggies were cooking I spread the guacamole unto lettuce leaves,
added the veggies when they were done,
and rolled those suckers up.
I was in heaven.
I ate like a little piggy,
and couldn't even eat everything on my plate!
I'm excited to play around a little bit with the lettuce wrap idea!
It's a fun, healthy way to have a "wrap" without the wrap!

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