Monday, February 25, 2013

{Pinsperational Mondays} Never have a dirty shower again

Pinsperational Mondays...
Because Mondays need a little extra sunshine in them!
I Love pinterest.
I swear it's the greatest thing ever.
I might be an addict.
I saw a Tweet a few weeks ago that said something like
"We are all going to find out in 50 years that Pinterest was just mans ploy to get women excited about cooking, cleaning, and being fit".
I read it to the Mr.  & He laughed Hysterically.
We've all had the Pinterest Epic Fail.
Mine was cauliflower stuffed peppers.
It's something we don't even talk about in my house,
It was That.Bad!
And we all have the Pinterest "ah-ha!" moments,
When we discover the greatest idea ever.
One of mine was to line a bowl with aluminum foil, dump your bacon grease in it, and when it cools, fold up the aluminum foil and toss it in the garbage.  No more wondering where to dump the grease!  GENIOUS!
And So,
We have Pinteresting Mondays!
I'll blog about a Pin that is either genious, or an epic fail.
We'll start of with Genious.

Never had a dirty shower again!

This little tool has become a staple in my bathroom!!
And these 2 products...Priceless!
My little scrubber holds a litle less than 1/2 cup of liquids.
So I mixed 1/4 cup Dawn Dishsoap,
with 1/4 cup of Vinegar.
You are suppose to use white vinegar,
But I never seem to have that,
So we use Apple Cider Vinegar and it works just as good!
Stir it up and pour it in your scrub brush!
I Keep mine in a plastic cup in the shower.
After I scrub down the walls (while in my regular shower)
I use the cup to rinse the soap off the tiles!
Greatest Idea Ever.
Whenever you're in the shower,
Just scrub down your walls really quick,
It works like a Charm Every time!
*update-I got in the shower this morning to find an empty scrubber, and all the soap in the bottom of the cup!  Apparently it's helpful to store the scrubber handle side down, so all the soap doesn't drain out the sponge!*

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