Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cara Box Reveal

#ClubSexy #Carabox Reveal

So I joined up for the carabox on a whim.
It's always fun to get to know new people,
and it defineitly a blast to see a box on your porch after a long day of work!
I got paired up with Heather From Here to There
She's from Mississippi, several hours south of where I live.
It was kind of ironic how similiar we both are!
We both LOVE coffee,
We both Like to Juice.
She does run,
And my goal is to run!
I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Heather throughout the past month!
She is so sweet and considerate!
The Mr. Likes to go dirt track racing near where Heather lives,
So hopefully one day it will work out for us to meet up!
Heather Sent me the greatest Carabox ever.
She is so creative!
She included these super cute cards to explain how to use the happies she included!
The candles are to create some atmosphere, and she even included a bone to keep our dog diesel busy.
I'm pretty sure He carried it ouside and buried it!
The Coffee and Cupcake liners are for a Dessert Date night in!
These lovely things are for when we don't know what to do, so we can just pick a stick and that's our date for the night!
She also included a new juicing recipe for me!
I tried it last night, it was DELISH!

Heather made the cutest little banner for me to hang up when I surprise the MR with our first Club Sexy date!
Heather, you have been a blast to get to know!  I'm excited to get to know you more through the blogging world, and hopefully we can actually meet one day!



  1. So happy you enjoyed it! :) I really enjoyed getting to know you too and I know for a fact, we will get to meet up one day, I can't wait!

  2. What a neat idea - a Club Sexy banner! Too cute!


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