Sunday, February 3, 2013

Operation: Surprise the Mr.

So my wonderful Mother-in-law relieved me of my Saturday Shift,
And I was going  to surprise him with a Steak & Shrimp Dinner,
But, we are doing that for Valentine's Day...
So... My wheels got to turning.
I got on Expedia and got one of their Last minute deals for this hotel:
That's right people...
Somehow I landed myself an UBER cheap room at the Hilton Memphis!
So, while I was at home & the Mr. was working,
I got our bags packed & hid them in the truck.
When he got home,
I gave him strict instructions to go shower,
put the clothes I had gotten together  for him on,
and go wait for me outside!
I threw our toothbrushes in my purse,
(duh! if I had packed them before, he would have known they were missing!)
Tried to find his deoderant (but he was out!),
and met him outside.
I made him stop by walgreens,
so that I could get him some deoderant,
and I got some tealight candles for our hotel room!
Then we continued on our way,
and Siri gave us the directions to the Hilton,
that hotel is Beautiful!
A while back I had gotten some coupons from,
$25.00 gift certificates for $4.00!
So we went to Bluefin for dinner.
And and some DELISH sushi!
To end the evening we made a stop at the Cheesecake Corner.
Can you say amazing!?!?!
A little bit expensive ($8.00 for 1 piece) but oh so good!
The Mr. got Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake,
I got Cherry Cheesecake.
We were supposed to go to Brother Juniper's for breakfast,
But they had a 45 minute wait,
So we ended up at cracker barrel!
Then we went to get my ring back ...
It was so shiny and sparkely, just like when He first gave it to me!
Back in December the Mr. took me out of town to a B&B.
I didn't realize just how much we needed to get away, just us,
until we were there.

We decided that we were going to fit it in to our budget to go away every couple of months,
Just to get away.
Just us.
No work.
No Family.
No cell phones.
Working together every day,
Trying to run a business,
(when most days we are way in over our heads!)
Lately working 50+ hours a week,
Dealing with the Stress of employees & customers,
And everything else that comes with running a scrap yard...
Tends to put a strain on our marriage,
things get tense,
we get tired,
and crabby
it's almost like me lose "us",
We're still working out the kinks of being newlyweds,
and now working out the kinks of being newlyweds & running a business,
And getting away is one of our solutions.
He LOVED being surprised.
I LOVE making him happy.
{forgive my lack of pictures--note the "no cell phones" :) }
What do YOU do when Life tends to put a strain on your marriage?

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