Monday, February 11, 2013

In Sickness & in Health

You know that part of your wedding vows when you promise to love each other forever. no matter what. even when your wife is some crazy person that likes to fix things naturally??? 
Yea.  I bet the Mr. is SERIOUSLY regretting that part of our vows.
We found out that I have a thyroid problem this past week,
while not diagnosed by a Dr.
My blood tests came back with the results that resemble
Hashimoto's, which is an auto-immune disorder.
Which means my body is literally attacking my thyroid.
It explains a lot though.
Low Basal Body Temp 
Fatigue and sluggishness
Increased sensitivity to cold
Pale, dry skin
An elevated blood cholesterol level
Low libido
(You can read more about it HERE....)
Before I had blood work done, the Mr. thought I was slightly neuritic when I said I thought I had a thyroid problem,
Until I read him off a list (much longer) than this list about.  And I had like 95% of the symptoms.
The Problem is ...
Neither of us want me to be on Thyroid medication.
So I started doing a TON of research,
and I found that I can *hopefully* get rid of it through diet and exercise.
So I gave up coffee on Saturday,
and have started a cleanse.
So far, IT.SUCKS.
I feel like Poo.
I've had a headache since Saturday afternoon (Caffeine withdrawal)
and every thing is kind of foggy (DETOX)
I was supposed to start the cleanse yesterday,
but his parents took us out to dinner to my FAVORITE restaurant,
So I had to start again today.
The master Cleanse Consists of
Lemon Juice
Maple Syrup
Cayenne Pepper
It doesn't necassarily taste bad, it just burns ALL THE WAY DOWN.
Before you think I've completely lost my mind, I did a TON of research on this.
So the Plan is to detox my body and give it a much needed rest.
I plan to do the Master Cleanse for 3-5 days,
Then I am going to do a Juice fast for a minimum 10 days.
I knew that I was going to do the Juice Fast BEFORE I watched the movie
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,
but that just reinforced my decision.
You SERIOUSLY need to watch it.  It's on Netflix, and Hulu.  Watch it TONIGHT.
So after the Juice Fast,
I get to start reintroducing foods back into my diet
(they call this an elimination diet),
I'll have to start out slow,
but I still won't introduce "The big 5"
The Plan is to slowly introduce these back into my diet.
1 week I'll eat a corn based food, then take it back out of my diet
and see if I have any negative reactions for the next 2 days,
if I do, I know that food is something that my body doesn't like,
and I'll continue to eliminate it from my diet!
Then the next week I'll test another food for a day, and so on & so on.
And I'm going to start YOGA.
Are you laughing?  Cause the Mr. did.
This is all VERY new and VERY overwhelming to me,
and I'm still doing a TON of research on it!
This is just the beginning of my journey,
and I'm sure I'm going to make a lot of mistake along the way!
It might be easier for me to go to the Dr
& Have them put me on Meds,
But isn't that just slapping a band aid over it instead of solving the root problem?
Even if it is harder,
I'd rather fix it naturally
than to be on a pill for the rest of my life!
**note:  I AM NOT a Doctor, I recommend you seeing your doctor before starting any of the above.  Please do NOT take any advice from me without researching it out for yourself and making the decision for yourself!  I'll be glad to share some of my sources with you, feel free to send me a FB message, or e-mail me at hillaryfay8606 at gmail dot com**

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  1. Oh Hillary, I'm sorry! Maybe this is why you've been sick so much these last few years? I'm with you all the way about not going to the doctor! I wouldn't want to be on meds either! Good luck! ~Chantal


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