Friday, February 15, 2013

Master cleanse {day 5}

Note to self: 
Never plan to do this cleanse over a holiday!
The Mr. Got Pancakes last night for dinner.
They smelled amazing.
I still am not sleeping well,
I sleep, but it's a really light sleep,
and even though I'm dreaming, I feel like I'm still awake during my dreams.
It's weird.  And terrible.  And NEEDS.TO.STOP.
It makes for a fairly grumpy morning!
I'm fairly worn out today,
Not more so than a typcial friday,
but different.
Note to self:
When you are mixing up your M.C. in the morning,
Pack your 1/8 tsp and your cayanne pepper,
The Cayanne pepper gets spicer as the day goes on,
So adding it fresh is MUCH better!
I drank another cup of my cleansing tea last night,
Things just weren't "moving along" like they should have been, according to my resources.
And then I tried the Salt Water Flush this morning,
But I only used 1 tsp salt to 20 oz water,
And I used cold water rather than Hot,
Salt water is gross enough without making it warm!
But it still worked!
Wise Geek explains it well.
I purposely didn't take a bath last night because I wanted to make sure it wasn't raising my temperature,
you don't need anything messing with that when you are practicing FAM for Birth Control,
But it wasn't, so that's good to know!
I took a shower this morning,
and I had the same reaction with a hot shower as the epsom salt bath,
just not quite as bad!
At the advice of my dear sister,
I doubled my water consumption yesterday,
and drank a whole gallon of water.
I thought I was going to Float away!
I couldn't tell a difference in how I felt,
But I Sure had to run to the bathroom a lot more!
Master cleanse Day: 5
Weight Loss 10 lbs
Mood: pleasant, but slightly irritable
Energy Level: Kind of low, but that's normal on a friday!
Mental Clarity: Fuzzy
Headache: None! But I had a baby one last night!
Over all well being:  Decent
Note to self:
You feel better when you drink the M.C. 
 SO when you feel like poo, make sure to drink some!

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