Thursday, February 14, 2013

Master Cleanse {Day 4}

It has been 4 days, 1 hour & 30 minutes (at 9:00 am),
97.5 Hours
5850 Minutes
 351,000 Seconds
And Counting
Since I have eaten anything.
Ok, I accidentally licked my finder while frosting the cupcakes last night,
But I spit it out, I swear!
(but BOY did it taste GOOOOD!)
The "cleanse" started kicking in yesterday,
I don't know if it was the tea or what,
But my Body decided to clear some stuff out!
Enough about that...
I took another epsom salt bath last night,
AND drank a ton for water before, during & after,
And I had the same reaction as the night before,
So I laid on the couch for 40 minutes until they subdued.
Then I got up and make those wonderful cupcakes that you see above.
And washed Dishes.
(I hate washing dishes, or cleaning for that matter, so you KNOW I wasn't feeling too bad if I washed dishes!)
When the Mr. Got home I was just finished up putting Cherries in the cupcakes,
And made the frosting, which he so kindly tested for me!
After I finished frosting them I was pretty drained of energy,
So we went and laid on the couch and watched some TV.
When we went to bed I had a really hard time sleeping,
I didn't sleep well at all last night,
And I woke up and had to pee twice.
And not just little baby tinkles either,
Like little energizer bunny tinkles that just kept going and going and going and going and going.....
WhenI got back into bed the first time the Mr. asked me how in the WORLD I could pee for so long.
Then I did it again at 5 am.
I'm feeling slightly on the grumpy side this morning,
I have a slight headache,
and am highly irritable.
Lord help the dumb people that come to my office today,
cause they are likely to get their hiney chewed if they start acting ignorant!
I'm having a really hard time drinking the MC this morning,
Normally by now I'm working on my 2nd glass (out of 4),
But I haven't even finished a 1/4 of my first 1!
I'm going to make an effort to drink more water during the day today,
We have 2 of these bad boys filled up for me to drink.
(I hate our water down here, so we fill them up at home out of our Brita Water Filter!)
Master Cleanse Day: 4
Weight Loss: 8.8 lbs
 *mostly water weight I'm sure! I'm not counting on it staying off*
Mood Am: Grumpy {Mood Afternoon Pleasant}
Energy Level: Normal {Energy Level Afternoon: Normal/Perky}
Mental Clarity: Slighty Fuzzy {Mental Clarity: Slight Hazy, but more clear}
Headache: A baby one that comes and goes {Headache Afternoon: None}
Overall Wellbeing: So-So.  Not great but not terrible {Overall wellbeing: Pretty Great!}
*note: I still have not been sweaty at all since I started.  I'm a huge fan of this.  I keep on double checking, because I'm so used to it!  This might be TMI, but hey, it happens.  I just hope it doesn't come back!  I don't know what was causing it, or why it stopped so quickly, but hopefully it doesn't come back!  Sweating is embarressing, and grosses ME out.  There is nothing worse than being all dolled up, and looking down and having sweat rings under your arms, for no reason!

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