Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Master Cleanse {day 3}

Recap on DAY 2
It was a little rough,
but I managed to make it through.
My headache finally went away during the afternoon,
I was about to give in and take some Tylenol or drink some coffee!
But I persevered!
My Legs ached something terrible yesterday,
Along with my lower back,
so when I got home I took a HOT bath in Epsom Salt,
my sister told me that it's supposed to help reduce toxins.
I think I might have gotten the bath too hot,
because when I stood up to shower I got REALLY light headed,
and my heart wanted to pound out of my chest.
I laid down on the couch for probably 30+ minutes until it subsided.
I helped the Mr. Bake the Lasagna that I had put together and frozen months ago,
and that was sheer torture!
I LOVE anything pasta,
and I LOVE cheese.
While He was eating,
I washed dishes,
and began making him Red Velvet Cake Icecream
I of course didn't try it,
But he licked the bowl and said it was really yummy,
And it hadn't even been frozen yet!
He has to wait until Love Day to actually eat it though.
I made him share it with my in-laws though,
there is no reason for 1 person to eat all of that yummy goodness!
I'm used to sampling everything that I cook or bake,
so it was really hard to break the habit of testing it!
I didn't sleep well last night,
Right about the time I climbed in bed,
My legs started aching again!
The MR. got me my heating pack,
but that didn't help very much!
They still ache pretty bad this morning.
I of course googled it,
and lower back & leg pain is typical for some people when they do a cleanse.
Go Figure.
I feel surprisingly energetic this morning,
I don't think I want to try and run a 5K or anything,
but I'm pretty alert.
It's probably cheating with there being fake sugar and all in it,
but I got a pack of gum to chew on,
It helps!
I tried to find "smooth move" tea yesterday at walmart,
To ya know, help move things along,
But they didn't have any.
I found this tea instead,
(I figured since it said "cleanse" it would do that...)
I'm going to go ahead and say it hasn't worked yet,
So if nothing happens by tonight,
I'm going to have to try a different route!
I stepped on the scale this morning,
and that was relatively happy,
it was down 7.2 lbs,
I can guarantee that most of that is water weight,
and I'm sure quite a bit of it will come back when I start my Juice Fast,
but it was nice for the time being!
I haven't noticed a tremendous difference in the way I feel,
But I have noticed some differences.
I wake up a lot easier in the morning,
and I don't have the 3:00 slum that I normally have.
I also used to sweat a lot,
Even when I wasn't really hot,
So far that has cleared up,
I have quite a bit of energy considering this is my 3rd day of not eating anything,
and my head isn't quite so "foggy".
Dinner time is the hardest for me to get through,
I do GREAT throughout the day,
but once we get home I want something yummy in my mouth, and this ...
just doesn't cut it!
And so people don't think I've turned all gaunt and sunkin' in from not eating for 2+ Days...
I am perfectly healthy,
 just a little pale from no sunshine, and I might need a little lipstick!


  1. I don't think it was that the bath was too hot it might be part of it but not all of it. It is from detoxing in the bath like that. You need to drink ALOT of water when you do those baths to flush the toxins out before/during/after the bath.


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