Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Master Cleanse {Day 2}

So a recap on yesterday. (you can read about it HERE
When we got home,
I opened the mailbox,
and to my delight I saw this

That always makes my day better!
And then I opened it.
and it had THIS:

But it was Milk chocolate & caramel.
Can you torture me even more???
So after I rummaged through my box of goodies,
I put the chocolate back in the box & closed it.
The Mr. tried to steal it, but I ninja'd it from him.
On Sunday I made my love a rotisserie chicken in the crock pot,
it was seriously the best one I've ever made!
So he had that last night for dinner.
I cup of Chamomile Tea,
which is NOT as good without sugar!
I BEGGED him to let me just put a piece in my mouth, chew it & spit it out,
{Not my proudest moment, ok? Don't judge}
But, he wouldn't let me,
And I stayed in the bedroom until he was done eating.
We walked down to his parents house to visit with them
{They are our next door neighbors}
and his mom offered us ice cream.
So I chewed on some ice.
Then I had to explain to her why I wasn't eating and everything,
and she things I'm nuts.
(But, his family is opposite of my family, they go to the doctor for everything,
we have a natural solution for everything, so our 2 views of health and medicine tend to clash!)
When we got home, I fell asleep cuddled up next to the Mr. while He watched TV (at 8:00)
I don't know what time he woke me up to go to bed,
but I was out cold until 5 am when my alarm went of to take my temp,
and back asleep until 6:15 when He came to wake me up!
When I made the MC up this morning,
I cut the cayenne pepper in half,
it made it way more toleraable.
And I tried to drink a Sea Salt water Flush
{To help keep things moving},
But I almost threw up after 2 swallows,
so that was the end of that,
I found a tea at walmart that will hopefully help with that!
So far this morning,
I've finished 1 glass of the MC,
3 more to go.
I also found out that I can have green tea,
which isn't coffee, but it's something warm!
I still have a headache,
and I'm still pretty foggy,
but the headache isn't as bad.
But the Muscles in my legs ache like you wouldn't believe,
almost like when your body aches when you have the flu,
but only in my legs.
But hey,
Atleast on the days when I feel like Poo,
I can count on my hair to sort of cooperate,
except now it's fixin' to rain,
So my nicely straightened hair is about to get crazy on me!

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