Saturday, February 16, 2013

Master Cleanse {Day 6 & Final Day}

Today is my last day of doing the Master Cleanse.
I started of with the Goal of 3,
Then was doing so great
(and didn't want to go grocery shopping mid-week)
That I decided to hold out until the end of the week.
Tomorrow I start juicing for 10 days,
(10 is the goal, we'll see how it goes!)
I'm slightly nervous about it!
But Kind of excited too!
The MR. is going to juice for breakfast,
I'm interested to see how THAT goes!
He's not a huge fan of raw veggies.
I wish I could tell you how I felt,
But that would be wrong because my Dear Love Decided to share his cold/sinus virus with me.
Thanks love!
So I pretty much feel terrible today,
Along with a low grade fever.
So it's lots of cell-ver for me today!
I had a pity party for myself last night as the Mr. was chomping down on his Spicy Chicken Sub from our local subshop,
They are one of my Favorite things in the whole world.
(He had pity on me and let me have a baby bite of it,
which I chewed up really good,
Made sure I didn't swallow anything,
And then spit it out.  We figured that wouldn't be cheating
But maybe it was, it wasn't my proudest moment of the week. 
Don't judge, you don't know how good those things are!)
But until I start introducing foods back in 1 at a time,
I don't know if I'll be able to have them again,
So for now, we are just assuming that I can't.
I just need to keep focused on the larger picture,
My health is more important that a Spicy Chicken sub,
Even if it is my favorite thing!
It's probably  going to be a hard adjustment,
And I'm going to have my grumpy moments about it, I'm sure,
But I know that I'm doing the right thing for my body,
even if I don't like it so much right now!
I will probably do the Master Cleanse again,
It was an over all good experience,
And I believe that it's good for our bodies to take a break from food every now and again.
My Thyroid Gooroo suggests doing a cleanse every 3-4 months,
Not necassarily the MC, she gives several suggestions!

Master Cleanse day 6
Weight Loss: 10.4 lbs
Mood: Pleasant
Energy Level: Low, but I'm also sick
Mental Clarity: Slightly fuzzy
Headache: Just a sinus Headache
Over all wellbeing: Other than this darn cold, I'm great!

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