Friday, January 18, 2013

Yummy, Evil, Delish, Naughty Cupcakes....

You know those Amazingly wonderful, decedant cupcakes that are all the rage right now....
Gah, it looks good.
I'm not a huge cupcake fan.  You would never hear me say "Gosh, I'd like a cupcake"
But...if you put one in front of me, I'm gonna eat it.  I'm human.  Don't judge.
Thanks to my mother in law, cupcakes are forever ruined.  The conversation went like this.
I had found this new recipe.  All the reviews on it were great & the MR. loves cupcakes.  So I was telling her about it.  But she had to go and ask how many cupcakes her in normal ones.  THE RESULTS WERE HORRIFYING!!!
Like...I had Nightmares...
(Ok, not really--but I needed the dramatic emphasis)
I will never again be able to enjoy those amazing looking cupcakes that you get from those cute little bakeries, that always look better than they taste anyway.
585 CALORIES!!! 
You would have to run 4.8 miles, at an 8.5 minute mile to burn that sucker off. 
For those of you the say it's worth it...
5 miles is  LONG STICKIN' RUN....
So, I'm going to try and make these healthy cupcakes this weekend. 
They probably aren't "good" for you, by way of natural, but I hope they taste good!
I used to make coke cakes in college.  1 box of cake, 1 can of coke (coke for chocolate, sprite for vanilla).   It was different, but it tasted good, and it was CHEAP!
I'm hoping these turn out better than the coke cake, I think they will since they have some eggwhites in them! 
Interested?  Go HERE for the recipe!  She also has some other versions of it on her blog! 
If you try it, let me know how yours turn out!  I'll post my findings after I make them!

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