Friday, January 18, 2013

3 New ((DELISH)) Recipes

In the name of cooking healthier,
(aka, I'm watching my calories very closely trying to drop a few pounds, so therefore I'm cooking healthier)
I found a bunch of new recipes to try out when I was doing my meal planning last Friday
Side Bar...I meal plan and grocery shop for 2 weeks at a time.  Because we work so much, it keeps me sane, and saves my precious time off on Sunday afternoons so I can get a nap after church.  It's the important things people!
Well, 2 of the new recipes I made this week were planned.  1 was a spontaneous decision on the way home from work Tuesday afternoon.  North Mississippi got hit with severe winter weather. 
Seriously, it got down to like 30 with some rain and ice.  Schools closed early on Tuesday, and closed all day Wednesday.  No wonder Northerners laugh at Southerners.     

So on the way home, the MR. asked me to make Chicken & Dumplings.  Well, not only have I never MADE chicken and Dumplings, I have never even had them, and I definitely couldn't imagine them being very "healthy" for you, on the caloric Scale. 


I found a recipe!


A new blog to follow!


And not only did I like the calories in them--the MR. said that they were some of the best chicken & Dumplings He's had!

So, you can go HERE to try out these seriously DELISH Chicken & Dumplings

Note:  I added more flour to my stew because it was pretty running, and the MR likes His thicker!  If yours is too soupy for your liking, put some flour in a bowl, SLOWLY add cold water, and make a thin paste.  Wisk it with a fork to make sure you don't have any lumps!  Then add it to the stew.  Add it slowly, so you can determine how thick you want it! 

I also made Chicken Enchilada soup on Tuesday afternoon.  It's a crockpot Recipe, so I'm always a fan of that!

You can go HERE to make it!  Seriously, it's one of my favorite soups so far.  1 serving was PLENTY to fill me up!

Then last night I made Beef & Broccoli.  It was my Favorite of the 3 new recipes.  We had a deer that was given to us, so I used deer meat in it instead of beef, so it was lower in fat & calories than what the recipe calculated.   I also cooked up some brown rice to serve it over!

(sorry, this is the only picture I have for today.  I'm a slacker, I know!  Mine looks a little funny, cause I added too much water, my printer cut off part of my recipe!)

Add this to your dinner list for next week.  You will Thank me!!!  Go HERE to get your ingredients!

All in all.  I had a good week of new recipes!  The Menu for next week includes: Mushroom Soup, Chicken & Mushrooms in a White Wine Sauce, and Chicken Jambalaya.  AND IF I can make it to the store, I'm going to try out a new cupcake recipe. 

As far as the weight loss goes...I've lost 2 this week.  The MR. has lost 4 -- completely not fair!

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