Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today is usually my Hump Day
I literally just had to double check that it was indeed Thursday.
If I can Make it through Thursday -- Saturday at 12:30 is within my grasp!
Y'all - The Mr. & I are Exhausted.
I mean, down right pooped.
We even slept in until 6:30 this morning.
And left the house at 7:07.
This has been our busiest month. EVER.
{And by EVER I mean in the past 7 months that we've been open}
To give you an example ...
In the past 30 days,
we have done almost more than half of the business that we did all last quarter.

That's INSANE to me!
I try to comprehend how much iron that is,
but I can't wrap my head around it!

I remember when 20 customers was a big deal,
Now I'm dealing with 40-50 a day!

We have someone starting on Monday,
Bringing our employment up to a grand total of....


If you're a small business owner,
Then you can understand why this is a big deal.
If you aren't,
Just trust me -- it's a big deal!

And my day just got better.

My sweet mother-in-law just text me and told me that she's coming to work for me on Saturday!


That means that I actually get to sleep in on Saturday morning,
AND get my house cleaned,
AND take a LONG, HOT, Bath.
AND drink my coffee in an actual mug instead of a To Go coffee cup!
Here's a crazy thought...
I MIGHT actually go for a run.
(are you laughing at me...cause I think I am!)

I think I might plan a Date in night for the Mr.
He still has to work on Saturday,
and He works way harder than I do every day!
I'm thinking that I'll treat him with Steak & Shrimp Alfredo,
(After all, we have a BUNCH of overtime headed our way!)
Like I made him on our Honeymoon.
And maybe a back massage...
And I'll even play video games with him,
but only if it's Mario Cart,
Cause I'm terrible at any game NOT Nintendo.

I think I can handle having this Saturday off.

T Minus 16 hours....


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