Monday, January 14, 2013

Review: Dave's Spa & Salon


So this is my first official review. 

DISCLAIMER: I've been going to Dave for *YEARS*, like 5 to be exact, so I'm going to try to be impartial, but--He's the best.  Also, since I didn't ask him before I wrote this, I'm having him approve it before I post it.  So this Review probably really isn't official after all. 

Ok, back to business.  My First visit to Dave, I had fairly long hair.

Then, I went to Dave.  And He chopped it ALL.OFF.  I did have cutters remorse, and cried for the first 2 weeks every time I had to do my hair, but after that I loved it, and kept my hair short for close to 2 years!
Then--I had the TERRIBLE idea to die my hair myself.
(The picture was edited slightly--my hair had a greenish orange cast to it...  I promised myself that I would NEVER die my hair again...and to this day I haven't!)
But after I realized how bad it really looked, I went to Dave & He fixed it for me!  As the color grew out, He was able to get it close enough to my natural hair color, and highlighted it in such a way that it wasn't like BAM!, different color line.  Point Dave!
As it grew out, he kept it shaped for me...
So Here is the Low down on Dave.  I spend more money going to Dave then I would ever spend going to anyone.ever.  Like, I have a "Dave" category in my budget so that I can go to him.  I don't go as often as I should go, but I also have longer hair, and it's a *little* more forgivable.  Dave is a perfectionist.  He's not going to let you walk out of his Salon if your hair is not perfect.  He is SO knowledgeable about all things hair, it's crazy.  He's a hair geek.  (His words, not mine!)  He doesn't just cut hair for a job.  This is his skill.  It's is profession.  He's the best. 
One of the things I love the most about it.  I don't know HOW he does it, but when He cuts layers, He does it in such a way that when they start to grow out, they still look good.  I went from a super short cut--to long hair, with no cut in between.  (*note, I don't actually recommend this, and neither would Dave, but it happened.)  And my hair didn't do crazy things!  Maybe I have awesome hair, but I think that it has more to do with his technique than the awesomeness of my hair!  If I ever go from long to short, He is the ONLY person I would trust to do it! 
I will admit, I have gone to other people other than Dave.  The other only person I usually let cut my hair, is the lady from my hometown--but that's 1500 miles away, so when I'm home, I go to her.  I've gone to someone who came highly recommended to me, and was cheaper.  I had my reservations, but I REALLY needed a trim, and I figured that long hair is forgivable, so it wouldn't hurt anything.  I got what I paid for.  It wasn't a bad cut, it was even, she got all my dead ends cut off, I couldn't tell you what was "wrong" with it, but it wasn't a Dave cut.  It didn't lay the same, it wasn't shaped the same.  It wasn't even close to a Dave cut.  I would rather save up my money and cut a great cut, than a "whatever" cut.
Remember the part where I said Dave is a Perfectionist.  When you go to Dave, plan to be there for a good solid hour+ for your cut.  He is going to make sure is cut exactly right, and lays exactly right.  This isn't a problem for me, because I love my hair being played with.  It's nice to be fussed over.  He doesn't like to be rushed.  He told me on Saturday that He doesn't like to have more than 5 appointments a day so that He doesn't feel rushed. 
And let me tell you about getting a Shampoo.  It's seriously like heaven.  I haven't gotten one in a while.  But it's worth the extra money.  Seriously.  On top of getting your hair seriously clean, you get a head massage.  And not just a typical run of the mill, apply some pressure to your head in circles and call it a day.  Like, the most glorious head massage you will ever have in your life.  So, if you go, get a shampoo.  It will change your life. 
Are you worried that you want a style that will look horrible on you?  He'll tell you!  Then He'll explain why it's a bad idea, and then explain why a different cut will be the right one.  And you'll walk out happy, with a cut that looks great on you, and fits your lifestyle! 
Do you want your hair to look like something in a picture?  He'll look at the picture and give you a pretty close cut that works for your hair & face shape.  And He'll give you pointers on how to style it.
He has other girls that work in his Salon.  I haven't been to any of them, but I know that he takes the time the time to train them, and show them how to be the best.  After all, even if *HE* isn't the one cutting your hair, it's still His name walking out that door!  How do I know He takes the time to do it?  Because when I was there on Saturday, one of His girls was standing behind us while he explained what he was doing and showed her the techniques that will make Her cuts a step above the rest.  I didn't mind because I enjoy listening to the how's and why's of things :) 
He's a little pricey.  To me anyway, but I'm like a saving, budgeting freak of nature, that wants a house and a baby REALLY bad.  I don't know what typical Salon's run, because I don't go to them.  I go to Dave, and my lady at home.  But you get what you pay for.  He's worth EVERY.PENNY.  I wasn't lying when I said I have a category for him in our budget...
© Auto: Maintenance  ?? 
© Eating out/Date night  ?? 
© Fuel  ?? 
© Groceries  ?? 
© DAVE  ?? 
© Diesel  ?? 
I also realize that people spent their money where their priorities are!  For example: my husband thought it was ridiculous to spend what we spend on our vitamins and minerals.  Then I explained to him that if He didn't eat out for lunch 1x a week (at the time, before we got married, we ate lunch out every day) it would pay for His vitamins for a month.  So, what is saving $5-$10 a week for a few months so that you can get the best hair cut ever...?  That's drinking coffee from home one morning in place of a Starbucks once a week, or brown bagging your lunch 1 day out of the week... Hmm, a phenomenal hair cut, or a greasy burger & fries from Mickey D's....?  That's a tough one...
There are other services at Dave's Spa & Salon that I have not personally tried, but I'm sure they are just as great as His Cuts!  You are go HERE to check it out!
So.  Call him.  NOW.  Ask for Dave.  You're life will be forever changed. 
My before Picture...

And the after.  This is me styling it myself the morning after.  I get a dry cut, so He straightens it before He cuts it, and therefore can't curl it after that.  I'm sure it would have looked 10x better if He had done it for me!  I'm still learning to curl with a flat iron!
Thanks Dave for giving me an awesome hair cut, every time! 

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