Monday, January 14, 2013

I'll always be Daddy's Girl

**Note...prepare for a gooshy post**

I am a HUGE fan of my Dad.  I think He's pretty great!

(He doens't like getting his picture taken, so excuse the grimace for a smile)

(This might be 1 of the only "real" smiles we have of him captured in a picture...)
He has worked 6 days a week, 10-12 hours a day, since I can remember.  AND He has always been an active & heavily involved part of His local church, but He's never been "not there"...if that makes any sense...  
But first and foremost He is a phenominal Huband to My mom...
(She gets more beautiful every day!)
And An amazing Dad to 3 Daughters
(Seriously, to raise 3 daughers and remain SANE, this guy is close to a Saint!)
I'm not saying He's perfect.  He is after all human, but He's pretty close to perfect in my eyes.   He doesn't usually have a whole lot to say, but when He does have something to say, you better listen, because He usually has a point.  He is one of the wisest men that I know, and the most practical.  And most importantly He Loves Jesus.  In a real, every day, kind of way.  He has a servants Heart, and he will do just about anything to help people, even if it's at a disadvantage to himself.  He is so giving, and he continues to be giving even when people take advantage of His goodness, (it usually makes me madder than a hornet, but He shows Grace way more than I do!).  My dad has never "yelled" at me.  Sure, I knew when He was mad, or when I did something wrong.  But I never got yelled at.  He raised all 3 of us (and all of us are VERY different!) to be independant, hard working, responsible, to think for ourselves, and has instilled in all of us a Love for Christ.  He cherishes my mother.  By watching Him actively Love her I knew where to set my standard for a husband before I got married. 

So Yea.  That's my Dad.  He's my Hero.  I'm his biggest Fan. #lovehim

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