Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Love Notes

Preface: My lovely husband doesn't understand blogs.  He doesn't like them.  He thinks they are stupid.  But then the other day he told me that he likes to read mine, because it lets him into my head and allows him to see things from my perspective, almost like he's reading my journal...

  My Husband and I also now work together, which is great...until I want to go and leave him a sweet note in his truck, or in his lunch bag...oh wait, we ride together & eat lunch together...

Then I realized that I can leave him sweet notes on my blog, and tell him how proud I am of him that he works so hard every day!  I could tell him how thankful I am that he lets me get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning, because he knows that I am NOT a morning person, (and I now have to get up at 6 am or earlier), and he gets up and takes care of dishes from the night before, and  I'm really thankful on the mornings when he wakes me up with a cup of coffee in his hand for me!  I might also mention that I love the fact that he want to grow old with me, and has lost close to 100 lbs in the past 1 1/2 years, gone off the high blood pressure medice he was on since he was 17, and doesn't mind eating healthy things because it makes him feel better!  I would tell him that I am so proud of the fact that he has been so gracious with my penny pinching, budget mentality.  He's had to go from being able to spend whatever he want on whatever he wants, with minimal bills to pay, to having a household to keep and a wife that thrives on a budget, and I'm so proud of him for him graciously allowing me to take our checks every week and disburse it amoung our bills and debt!  I know it can't be easy to hand over your check every.single.week and not really see where any of it goes!  But the end is in sight!  We will be debt free in the beginning of December, and then we can start saving for a house!!!  I would probably end his little note tell him that there are SO many more reasons why I love him and why I am SO proud of him, but that I'll save those for another day, and that I LOVE him a whole awful lot, and even Like him a whole awful lot too :)  And then there would be a p.s. reminding him that this coming monday is when we got engaged 1 year ago, and while flowers aren't exactly in our budget, he could take me to olive branch park for a walk when we got off work since that is where we got engaged and all :) 

When he was done playing on his track hoe, he would probably get on his phone and check out FB, and He will see where his lovely, hard working bride, was doing that horrible thing of Blogging, on the clock, and his curiousity would kick in, and he would HAVE to read what I posted, and his irritation will melt away when He sees that it's all just a sweet love note to him :)

Love you babe!

After we got engaged :)

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  1. Okay, you two are so cute. :) I'm so jealous that you two are THAT happy, it's kinda sickening :-P Congratulations Hillary, and may the love you two have continue to grow and flourish!!


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