Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The end of a year.... {2013}

I've been slightly AWOL lately - sorry, not sorry?  I haven't really had a whole lot to say, and things I have wanted to say I just haven't had the initiative in me to sit down and blog about.

I had a post planned as a Christmas Recap--more for me that for you though.  Every year on Christmas I sit down and try to remember what was given and received on Christmas Day the previous year, and every year without fail I struggle coming up with it.  I know that Christmas isn't about giving/receiving gifts, but rather celebrating the greatest gift ever given, but it really bothers me that so much time gets spent thinking/buying/wrapping/keeping secrets every year for this one day, and by the next year it gets forgotten.  This post will definitely still have to happen, but I also just found my computer charger this morning for our laptop that has all of my Christmas Photos...

2013 was good to us.  There were of course the ups and downs that happen every year....

2013 Highlights
In no particular order!

The Mr & I celebrated out 1 year anniversary.  I wasn't blogging much at that point, so there isn't a blog post to look back on - major blogger fail!

We also bought our first home!  That was definitely a high point in our year.  It's still not fully decorated and I have barely posted ANY pictures of it - another blogger fail!  Maybe in 2014 I will actually get around to doing a home tour, I know that you are just dying to see our bright pink "hello kitty" room that will be getting painted over soon!

I also finally admitted that I am a cover hog...

One of my favorite things from blogging this year was "meeting" some amazing new women.  My first every blogging friend is Heather, a super sweet southern belle from right here in Mississippi.  We are planning a Blate (blogger date) for something in 2014, if we can get our schedules to line up.  

The Mr & I have definitely grown this year.  Working together every day definitely has its challenges, and there are something days when we just know to stay out of each others way!  We've had our struggles trying to wade ourselves through running a business, and there have been many occasions where we felt like we were drowning, but we pressed on.  I now understand why some people say that couldn't work with their husbands...it's not that they couldn't spend every minute of every day with their husband (right?), but rather that it's hard to leave work at work and home at home, especially when the 2 are so intertwined.  When things are stressful at work, things are stressful at home.  When we argue disagree about something at work it affects our relationship in every other aspect.  If we have a rough morning it follows us to our "work" relationship.  At the end of the day it's all about communication.  When we aren't communication well, when we are getting enough "us" time outside of work & day to day routine, that's when things start to get sticky.  But we are learning :)  Don't get we wrong, we haven't spent the entire year arguing, we very rarely argue, we've just done a lot of growing & learning as individuals, as a couple, and as people who run a business!   

I got a NOSE RING in June...

 And actually just took it out a few nights ago...
The Mr & I also took a get away trip to Nashville to go to the CMA Country Music Festival!

And we definitely can't leave out our furbaby - Molly (or Moll-dog, Mosby, Mos MoMo).  She was pretty ugly when we first got her...but either she's gotten cuter, or we have just gotten used to her ugliness, or her sweetness over shines her ugliness...either way, she has turned into a really great dog, with a big personality! 

I made THIS cake... And I'm sharing the picture for no other reason than to remind myself how ridiculously delicious it was!  It was a banana caramel cake....
Overall, our year has been pretty nonchalant,  (I'm pretty sure that you are supposed to use nonchalant to describe a year, oh well!) No engagements or weddings or job changes or other life altering events, and that's okay, a quiet year was a welcome change!   And that's how we plan to end this year and begin the next.  I'll probably be in bed by 9:30, and tomorrow all I plan to do housework in the morning/afternoon and a family dinner in the evening! 
2014, well, I have a feeling that you might come in soft and quiet, but have a feeling that a lot of changes that will be blowing through this next year, and hopefully I'll have less blogger fails and actually post about them to look back on as 2015 rolls in!
Happy New Year!!!     

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