Monday, December 2, 2013

Dear lovelies....

Dear lovelies, 

I just wanted to pop in & let you know that I have in fact NOT been lost in the frozen tundra known as Arkport, NY!  

It was wonderful to be able to surprise my mom and spend time with her, and then Thursday night.... I got sick! Friday morning I woke up with 102 degree Fever, body aches, cough... I don't know if it was the exhaustion of traveling and being up from 5am-2am (I don't do well with lack of sleep), the difference in air and temperature, or what, but I got hit with the crud, and it knocked me down for the count! My fever came and went through Saturday evening when I flew back into Mississippi, then finally broke for good, or so we thought. 

Yesterday we thought the worst was over and went out in the afternoon. We followed our 3rd annual thanksgiving tradition and went to see a movie (just a few days late), where I started feeling pretty puny about 2/3 of the way through. We stopped by lowes & then went to a tree farm to pick out our first Christmas tree. 

We got home around 6, and I promptly fell asleep. 

Last night I would go from freezing cold, to dripping in sweat, back to freezing, back to sweating.... All night long. That mixed with coughing, congestion, a headache, I didn't get much sleep. 

So, I'm missing work again today. The MR. Wanted me to go to the Dr, but I convinced him to give me one more day of sleeping, and natural remedies. If I'm not substantially better tomorrow, I agreed to go in. 

So, it's just Molly and I cuddled up under some blankets today trying to get better! 

So, I look forward to catching up on y'all's thanksgiving recaps, Black Friday & cyber Monday steals, but today - today I'm staying in the land of dreams! 

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  1. Hopefully all you need is a little more rest and quiet time at home!! You need to get back to 100% soon!


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