Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lies and schemes

I've been telling you about this HUGE secret that I've been keeping!  Well, I can finally tell you!

See, I've gone to great lengths to keep this a secret for months.  I've lied. I've schemed. I've gotten other people in on my scheme.  If you knew how many people knew about this secret then you would be surprised that it remained a secret.  My hair dresser knew, even my chiropractor knew, and miraculously the secret hasn't gotten out!!!

Yesterday I kissed my husband goodbye, skipped work, made a quick stop at the DMV to get my license renewed, jumped a plane, and landed in a winter wonderland...otherwise known as Rochester, NY!!! 

I arranged for some of my long time family  friends to pick me up from the airport and drive me to my parents farm.  I had briefly thought about renting a car, but now I'm glad I didn't.  When the forecast calls for 10-12 inches of snow, this girl ain't playin' around in it!  I may have known how to drive in the snow in my younger years, but when I haven't driven in it since 2007, it's not something that I'm just going to make light of!

Oh yea, my parents had no idea that I was coming home!!!!!  See, I was suppose to go home this past September, but....we lost an employee and it made it so I wasn't able to go.  The MR & I talked it over, and it was really important to me that I make it home before the farm sells, so we bought my plane tickets for over Thanksgiving!  I knew that it would be one of the last Thanksgivings that my parents would have in NY, and I also knew that my mom could probably use an extra set of hands baking pies for the Deli!

I was suppose to fly into Rochester at 4:30... Well, the plane that was suppose to take me from Memphis to Rochester got held up on Chicago due to mechanical issues! They had to turn the plane around and get a new plane! That made me miss my flight from Orlando to NY. So at 9:00 last night I was sitting in the Baltimore airport!

I had to call my dad and let him in on my lil secret because I needed a way home because I wasn't going to be flying in until 11:15 PM, and the airport is an hour from my parents house! Oh, and NY is getting hit with a snow/ice storm! Lovely, right?

I ended up finally getting in to the Rochester Airport at 12:15, and the roads were HORRIBLE!  Like, there weren't any lanes.  You just had to drive and make up your own lane!!!!  What should have taken us 45-60 minutes to get to my parents house took us until 2 AM!  My dad is a Saint! 

I snuck in the house, and got all my belongings in my old bedroom, making sure to keep the door open only as much as my mom had it open, so that she wouldn't notice anything funny about it.

I woke up this morning to a sweet good morning text from my MR around 7:00, and then went outside to decide whether or not I wanted to walk to the farm or call my dad to come and get me.  Luckily, He had just arrived to plow the driveway! 

We drove the horribly long distance (1/2 mile) to the farm, where I FINALLY got to surprise my mom!  It was well worth the extra travel time it took to get home!

I had put together a video for you, but I can't seem to get it uploaded to be able to post you'll just have to wait to see it!

I hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoy spending time with your families!  I'll be headed back to Mississippi Saturday Afternoon, just in time to go Christmas Tree Shopping with my fav! 

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  1. What a sweet surprise for your family!! Have fun this weekend!


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