Wednesday, October 16, 2013

{Meal Planning} And a {Review}

I've been doing a much better job at meal planning this month.  Mainly because I have to with trying to grocery shop for 2 weeks at a time. 

I had my meal plan done around the middle of last week, I just haven't gotten around to posting it. 

This picture above bring me to my next point, (don't worry if the calendar is too small, I'll have the menu listed below!).  I found this wonderful program, Plan to Eat.  It's a website company owned by a husband and wife.  I'm a huge fan of small, family owned businesses!  I had ordered a pack of e-books at the beginning of last week, and with it I got a 3 month trial to try out Plan to Eat.  Plus when you initially sign up, you get a free month.  So, I get to try it out for 4 months.  I'm game for free!  Even without the trial, it's less that $5.00 a month.  Certain people in my life will tell you that I'm cheap, but I can handle $5.00 a month for the following reasons....

+++ It saves me time.  It's 1 website that does it all.  I can meal plan and make my grocery list with just a few clicks of a button.  It has a monthly or a weekly calendar view.  I usually use the monthly view, as I meal plan 2 weeks at a time. 

+++ It saves your recipes!  You can import recipes with just a click of a button, either through a tab on your favorites bar (like pinterest) or by entering the URL.  If for some reason that fails, copy and paste works great!  So, when you are meal planning, you can go through your recipes, and click "Plan".  It gets added to whatever day you selected, AND adds the ingredients to your grocery list.  BAM!

+++You can move your meals around.  Let's say that for some reason you didn't cook dinner one night.  You had to work late, or you went to someone's house, or you just decided not to cook and fed your family sandwiches...You just click on the dinner that wasn't prepared and move it to a different day!  If it's a recipe that the ingredients needed are something that is going to perish, I'll move it to a day in the near future, and move another recipe that has ingredients that aren't going to spoil to a meal farther in the future. 

+++While they do not have an "app" persay, you can save their website on your home screen of your smart phone, and they have a mobile friendly webpage where you can view your calendar and shopping list. 

+++You can get to your recipes with just one click!  If you're looking at your calendar, all you have to do is click on the name of the recipe and it pulls the recipe up! 

+++You also have thousands of recipes already added to their website for your browsing pleasure! 

I'm pretty sure that all of that is worth $5.00.  I'm a huge fan of convenience.  I'm not good at organization, so something that does it all for me, and helps keep me organized is HUGE!  If you are a meal planner at all, I would highly recommend this program!

Grocery List

Daily Calander


If you find a free version of something that is as easy to use, and does ALL of that.  Let me know.  I like $5.00, but I like free more!

**I was not compensated for this review.  They did not ask me to write this review, it's just something that I have found that I like to use so I thought I would share it with you!!!**

Ok...for my two week meal plan.  Just a note:  I don't really bother planning for breakfast much, the freezer has breakfast items in it, and I'll make some refrigerator oatmeal and breakfast bread pudding at the beginning of the week, and we just eat whatever we pick for breakfast!  Lunches usually consist of left overs!  All my meals I have a side dish of vegetables. 

10/13-10/19 & 10/20-10/26

Sunday         Monday         Tuesday         Wednesday         Thursday         Friday         Saturday
Roasted         Leftover      Deer & Veggie      Skillet               Eggplant              Jt                      Jt
Chicken         Chicken        Shishkabobs       Cabbage              Lasagna           Races               Races

Jt is going to the races with his there is no point in cooking dinner for just me!

Sunday         Monday         Tuesday         Wednesday         Thursday         Friday         Saturday
Jt                    Roasted        Hamburgers         Adobo            Chicken Corn    Chicken &       Pizza
Races             Chicken        Baked Potato      Chicken              Chowder          Onions

There ya have it folks!  The only new recipes I have are: Skillet Cabbage, Eggplant Lasagna, and Chicken Corn Chowder.  I'll also be making some corn bread for the MR. for the cabbage and the chowder, but tonight I'm using my mom's recipe, and next week I'm using HIS mom's recipe.  We'll see how it goes!

Is there any special way that you meal plan?  What are some new recipes that you are trying out?

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