Monday, October 7, 2013

From Utero to Three

The Mr & I kept my niece for my sister for a sleep over on Friday Night - Saturday night.  Pre-the MR, I got to see a whole lot more of my niece when it was just 'lil ole me.  That and I worked night servings tables, so I could easily go and spend the whole day there.  Then ya know, I got a 9-5 job Monday Through Friday, Served Tables on Saturdays and Sundays.  The day that was to be my last night serving tables, my princes charming waltzed in and swept me off my feet, and 9 short months later we were married.  Boys and marriage change things.  Your life used to be able to just revolve around yourself, then you get marriage and your life revolves around "us".  There is no "me" anymore.   

I've been Miss Isa's personal photographer since the day she was born.  Literally.

I did her 24 hour photos at the hospital...

A little while later, I did her mommy & me session....

And even one with daddy too...

I Took her 1 year old pictures, and photographed her 1st birthday party...
And 7 1/2 short months later she was the flower girl at my wedding...
It wasn't too much later and she was coming to spend the night at "Nilly and Jt's" house, and my sister would pack some extra clothes, "just in case" I wanted to get a few pictures for her....
And then all of the sudden my baby niece isn't a baby anymore.  She's THREE!  And  she knows that she doesn't really want to eat eggs for breakfast this morning, but she wants yogurt with honey in it.  And when you tell her that she can have water with her dinner she tells you that Uncle Jt told her that she could have milk.  And now when I take her out to take pictures, she doesn't really want to wear the clothes than mommy packed, she wants to wear the pretty, pretty dress that mommy brought.  And she's a little harder to photograph, because you told her that after you take the pictures in the cotton field, THEN she can put on her pretty, pretty dress for pictures.  
I don't know how it is possible than in a blink of an eye I have watched this sweet girl go from utero to a very grown up 3 year old.  But Pictures don't lie.  Some how we went from Patty cakes to Barbies, from her sleeping in my arms to showing her how to get from her bed at my house to my room in case she wakes up in the middle of the night.  All little girls grow up....I just wish they didn't have to grow up quite so fast!
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  1. Awww! What a cutie! They do grow up fast! My baby sister is turning 7 in a month, and I can't believe it!

    1. They sure do get too big too quick! I have a 1 year old nephew, and 2 more nephews on the way to watch grow up! My in-laws have started pestering us for father-in-law when a grand daughter in the worst way, and my sister-in-law keeps on giving him boys!


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