Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where it all began {How I met My Mr.}

Welcome to the 1st in a series of "How my met My MR." the Story of How me Met, Fell in Love, Got engaged & Got married.
It will take course over the next 9 months.  Enjoy!

July 2nd, 2011.
I woke up to a typical ordinary day.
But little did I know that my Life was going to be forever changed...
My Dog Kc was probably the cause of ending my sleep.
I got up,
took the little nuisance outside,
and got ready for my Saturday Shift at the bank.
We rotated Saturday shifts working the drive thru,
and from 9 am - 1 pm we were always insanely busy.
I got off around 1:30.
When I got home I took Kc out for a walk to eat up some of his energy,
took a quick nap,
prepared some grub,
and Ironed my white collared shirt.
I left back out with my slip resistant shoes, black pin striped apron, and my little black book around 3:10 for my 3:30 shift, at the infamous....
I was Tired.
I just had to get through this shift and I could have a day off.
I worked at the bank Monday-Friday,
& Most Saturday I tried to pick up the extra shift for the over time.
Then I usually worked a Double at the Lobster on Saturday,
Followed by a Sunday Lunch shift.
I was Not a very happy person!!!
But, I only had 1 more week of pulling these crazy hours,
1 more week of Red Lobster.
To my unexpected delight....
When I went to the office to get "checked in"
My manager told me that she didn't put me on the schedule for the following week!
I swear I heard angels singing.
Then my other manager told me my section...
It was the section I hated the most.
I *almost* tried to convince him to move me...
But, I figured
It's my last shift, just deal with it!
So my typical night began.
Extra Ranch Dressing,
Basket after basket of the biscuits
The Kitchen running behind.
We were on an hour + wait...
Then my party table was empty.
And it remained empty for over 15 minutes.
If you've ever been a server you know that this means I'm officially losing money!
So up to the host stand I went to find out why my table was being held.
Apparently there was a party for that table,
But they were waiting for their daughter to arrive before they would be seated.
Now I was really irritated.
In my opinion,
If they didn't want the table then give it to someone else!!!
My table gets seated.
3 sweet Teas,
2 waters.
No Lemon on anything.
LOTS of cheesy biscuits please. 
1 Salad with 1000 Island, no Tomatoes, No Cucumbers.
1 Salad with Red wine Vinaigrette.
2 Salads that I can't remember,
and 1 Caesar Salad - for the cute boy in the corner.
More Sweet Tea,
More Cheesy Biscuits.
1 - NY Strip Steak cooked Medium w/ Baked Potato Loaded for the Uber county man in overalls
1 - $15 Feast of Hand Breaded Shrimp W/ Baked Potato Everything on the side for the sweet momma
1 - Create your own Feast, Snow Crab Legs & Coconut Shrimp for the man on the end
1 - $15 Feast of Hand Breaded Shrimp for the curly haired girl
1 - Create your own feat with Shrimp Scampi, Grilled Shrimp, & Coconut Shrimp for the cute, but quiet one in the corner
More Sweet Tea
More Cheesy Biscuits
Then it began.
They found out I was a "yankee"
So they assumed I couldn't cook.
When they found out I could cook,
"Pouchy" was single and needed a woman that could cook.
The Cute one in the Corner didn't say a word, but his ears turned crimson...
Yea. Ok.
And by the way, it was the Cute One's Birthday.
Sure, we can sing, but we sound horrible,
but no, we don't do free desserts for your birthday. 
So me,
Trying to get a good tip out of the deal,
I go to the back,
get a 2 oz ramekin,
fill it up with cool whip,
Drizzle some chocolate & caramel on top,
and stick a candle in it.
Then of course I got yelled at by the Manager that flies her broom into work,
For my Birthday Ramekin of Cool whip...
and she threatened to write me up.
Because that's going to do a whole lot of good on my last night.
My table of sweet county folks got a kick out of my cool whip dessert,
and the Sweet 'lil momma gave her baby boy (the cute on in the corner) her dessert.
And the teasing continued.
"So, why don't you give poochy your number"
Because I don't give my number to Strange boys of course!
(specially ones who's dad calls "Poochy!"
"So, why don't you take his number"
Because I don't call strange boys...
And so on and so forth.
The cute on in the corner just sat there looking mortified,
And by this point his poor ears were almost purple...
Finally, I agreed that if the cute one in the corner left his number,
I would consider texting him later.
So the little country family pays, leaves a decent tip and goes home.
I go on about my night,
Finish out my last 2 tables,
and begin cleaning my section.
When I went to clean Table 16,
I remembered cute by in the corner,
and reached down to get his number out of my book.
In a moment of Jubilation that I was finally DONE serving tables,
I had thrown my serving book out!!!
I had to scrounge through the paper garbage to get his number!
And the texting began....
Stay Tuned for the remainder of "How I Met My Mr..."
PS.  We still go to Red Lobster on 7/2, Now I'm just his wife instead of his Server!

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