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Love at Third Sight - July 17th-July 19, 2011 - {How I Met My MR}

Let's see...Where did I leave off...?
Oh That's right...I was doing my very best to ignore him.  Because that was working out oh so well!  It was a Thursday evening, July 14th to be exact.  He was trying to convince me to go out to dinner with him the following evening.  I was giving him all kinds of excuses why I couldn't go.  I even tried to pull the old line, " I have to go running."  He offered to be my wake up call in the morning to get me out of bed.  I told Him that wouldn't be in his best interest to do.   Somehow He finally talked me into going out to dinner with him.   I'm pretty sure that I even warned him that I had a tendency to break hearts, to give him fair warning ahead of time.
The Morning of Friday, July 15th I was KICKING myself for agreeing to this.  I'd done the whole awkward blind dinner date thing before.  Why did I do this to myself.  I seriously thought about backing out at the last minute, but I figured that it was a "free meal" and I didn't have anything better going on that night. 
So I straightened my hair, put on some make-up, and headed out the door.
I showed up to Long Horn and my stomach was all in knots.  I was just dreading how awkward this was going to be!  I parked near the back of the restaurant, hoping to have a few minutes of solace to calm my nerves, but low and behold, He was parked 2 cars down and saw me pull up.  So much for time to calm my nerves!
There was 15-20 minute wait to be seated, so we just stood around in awkward small talk waiting for our table, when HIS DAD CALLS and wants to talk to me.  Can you say EXTREMELY AWKWARD!!!! 
We finally got seated, and I don't know exactly how it happened, but the awkwardness died away, and we had a really enjoyable evening of easy conversation.  Our server probably hated us, because we were THAT table.  We ignored our menus for the first long while, then sat there talking forever after our meals were finished.  She finally gave up stopping by our table to check on us.  I was really hoping that He had tipped her well (which He says he did!)
We left that evening and I was very intrigued by this country boy that I would have never normally looked at twice.  He wasn't my type, which was very refreshing for a change.
We continued to text for the remainder of the evening.  He told me that He was going out mudding with his 4-Wheeler buddies the next day.  I hadn't been mudding since I was 16, so it sounded like a lot of fun to me!  He told me that if I invited him to church on Sunday then He would take me out mudding Sunday Afternoon.  I was sold!
Sunday, July 17th, He met me at church, which at that time was meeting in a Skating Rink.  I got a lot of curious stares, when He walked in with me, and then I had nursery, so I left him to fend for himself while I went to watch the kiddos.  We went to McAlister's for lunch, and then we headed towards his house. 
We had a blast.  He talked the entire time.  Then He ran into a tree.  I was an idiot, and was hanging on to the rack behind me instead of around his waist, so it jarred me pretty hard and did did a number to my already injured back.  Then He took me onto a "new path" and my hair got tangled on an overhead branch, and tore out a chunk of my hair...which took forever to grow back out again.  It was right at my part too, so for month later I had an "alfalfa" spout.  I may have also gotten pretty tore up....
And that was just my forearm...that wasn't even the worst of it!  But it all of that, I had a BLAST.  He got to see a little sneak peak of my sarcastic side...He asked me what my plans were for that night, and I told him that I had another date lined up... I quickly set it straight that I didn't, but I thought it was funny nonetheless...
After we got done, and I was covered in mud & dirt, He took me back to his parents house for dinner, where I walked into Mrs.N's spotless home, covered from head to toe in mud.  I'm sure that was a great first impression, but my Future MR. didn't seem to think a thing about it!  We spend the rest of the evening chatting on the couch, which I grew more and more comfortable around him.
He drove me back to the Skating Rink, made sure that I got into my car safely, and then we text for the rest of the evening... 
When we were texting that night, I invited Him over to my apartment for dinner that Wednesday (July 20th)
July 19th, 2011 - The beginning of the super sappy texting

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