Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Terrible First Date {How I Met My Mr.}

Need to catch up?
July 2, 2011 

July 3rd, 2011...
After texting with the cute guy in the corner for a while the previous night,
We picked up where we left off the next morning.
I found out He was WAY younger, Strike ONE.
He was JUST 22 and I was on the upperward side of 24?
No Thankyou!
He still lived at home with his parents... Strike TWO.
I had basically lived on my own since I was 18.
He lived in the town of "Redneck" USA... Strike THREE
I grew up in the country.
My First boyfriend lived in Hicktown USA.
Been there. Done that.
I didn't have anything better going on that night.
So when He invited me to go to the movies I agreed to go.
When He invited me to dinner before the movie,
I politely declined.
I mean seriously,
what if He was a DUD??
I would have to endure a dinner & a movie with him...
He took me to see The Hangover 2.

I had seen the Original,
It wasn't my favorite movie,
but I didn't Hate it...
So I get all dolled up.
Straightened my Hair,
Did my makeup.
I even put lipstick on.

 (Boy am I glad I took a picture the way way to the theater!)
 When I arrived at the movie theater
There was one small problem.
I couldn't remember what He Looked like!!!!!
So I text him that I was there.
I was frantically trying to pinpoint who it was.
And then I spotted someone walking toward me.
Sunglasses turned backwards on his head.
Dirt Track Racing T-Shirt.
Chonking on some gum.
Great. Just. Great.
He might as well have been chewing on some straw.
Then He opened his mouth and started talking.
Lord have mercy on my soul.
(see when the Mr. gets around "country" people, or tried to act "country" He begins speaking in this very irritating "country" accent...)
This boy sounded like He had walked straight off the farm.
He still called his Dad Daddy.
Are we FOUR?
 I almost bust up laughing right then and there.
So we went into the movie and just sat there.  In awkward silence.
I sat through the horribly crass movie in Massive amount of pain.
I was having a lot of back problems at the time,
and it chose that moment to flair up.
By the time we got up to leave,
I was in so much pain I wanted to cry.

So we walked out,
HE basically said "See ya!"
and headed to his truck
leaving me to walk to the very back of the dark parking lot

I got in the car & started laughing at Epic Fail that it was.
Then I called my bestie Cassandra to tell her alllll about it....
She laughed along with me....

Later that Night he text me and invited me to come over to his parents house for a 4th of July cook out and then to go see fireworks....

To Be continued ...


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