Friday, June 28, 2013

Reason #285 why I'm a terrible wife....

Confession:  I am a TERRIBLE wife.  Ok.  Maybe not Terrible.  But....The following post might put me in that category. 

My MR. has a slight case of OCD.  Like seriously.  It gets a little ridiculous at times.  His shirts in our closet are evenly spaced out.  Then they are coordinated by style & color.  The keys on his keychain are in a very specific order, all going the same direction.  I joked one time about making them go every other way, and I swear He about had a hernia.  He's slightly Neurotic.  But, he's Mine & I love him, so I deal with it...  I have my quirks too.... 

I on the other hand, am not an organized person.  I have what you call organized clutter.  I know where it's at in my disorganization.  It's a problem.  I know.  I Function.

But there is this ONE little issue that it a constant "battle" in our home.  The Knife Holder.  See.... the MR. thinks that the knives should be going all the same direction... If I'm the one taking care of dishes, I have them "organized" so that the ones on the left are facing in, and the ones on the right are facing in.  It drives the MR. BONKERS.....

So I was feeling quite rambunctious this morning...(A.K.A ANNOYING) and while we was being his OCD self taking care of the dishes, I walked over to the knives and made them go EVERY.OTHER.WAY.

I'm not stupid.  I know it looks TERRIBLE.  But, I think it's HYSTERICAL that He can't handle it.  He says He's not going to fix it.  Well I'M not going to fix it. 
I give him until the end of the day and they will be back to normal. 
Sure.  This may make me a terrible, annoying wife.  But--it gives us something to laugh about, so it's all good!
Stay Tuned to see how long it takes before they drive him CrAzY!  <------------ That drives his CrA-CrA too!  

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  1. I'm with him! They all go in one direction! And you know that I'm definitely not the OCD!


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