Thursday, February 28, 2013

Husband Love

When we first started realizing that
~ I probably had a Thyroid Problem
~That I could control it naturally
And the Big One

~ My Diet was about to drastically change,

The Mr. Got a little concerned.
He's a huge fan of casseroles, desserts, bread, pasta, and basically everything I probably can't have.
Then when I came home from grocery shopping for my first week of Juicing
He had a slight panic attack ...
I can't blame him.
Our Fridge looked like I brought home the entire produce section.
He won't admit that He was having a slight inner panic attack,
But I know My Love. 
He was freaking out a little bit.
I think he momentarily forgot that I really do love to cook,
and I love to make sure he gets plenty of Husband love.
Food = Husband Love in our house.
Food is so very important to my husband.
He jokes that if I hadn't have known how to cook I would have gotten a cheaper ring and cooking lessons.
He says He was kidding,
But I guess I'm lucky I already knew how to cook well!
Then the week that I was doing the Master Cleanse I didn't help matters any.
The beginning of it I had really bad headaches,
By the end of it we both had come down with the worst cold ever,
so my cooking that week was less to be desired.
But as I started feel better,
I started having a TON more energy.
I was waking up earlier,
I wasn't exhausted by the end of the day,
I wasn't as moody,
Baking/Cooking and cleaning it up didn't seem as overwhelming to me.
My Mr has been getting the HOOK UP the past 2 weeks.
It's almost ridiculous!
I've made 2 of the best rotisserie chickens that I have EVER made.
This is such an easy and inexpensive way to get a dinner or two and some lunches out of the way!
And then get some homemade chicken stock out of it too!
I found a recipe on Pinterest for Guacamole Egg Salad,
I made a few substitutions to the recipe,
Greek Yogurt in place of Mayo,
Creole Seasoning because I didn't have Curry,
And I added a bit of seasonings and chopped onion to it.
It sounds terrible,
But He Loved it!

This was a mini wrap for him to try :)

I put the avocado seed back in the bowl,
put placed down on top of it,
and then put the Lid on to help keep it from turning!  Worked like a Charm!
I am trying to come up with healthy alternatives to him eating sandwich meat every day for lunch,
and I figured this was a good start!
I made him a wrap out of it for dinner the next night and added some chicken to it. 
He was a huge fan!
I also made up a Taco Pizza for him.
Everything you love on a Taco
 (Re fried Beans, Sour Cream, Taco Sauce, Salsa, Meat & Cheese!)
 on a Pizza.
He said it's his new Favorite Pizza!

When I served it I dressed it with Guacamole, crushed tortilla chips, onions & Lettuce!
Then Last night.
Ohhhh Last night.
Usually I can cook him whatever, and watch him eat without it bothering me,
I mean seriously,
I went to Olive Garden with his whole family and didn't feel deprived watching them all eat,
it really doesn't phase me.
But that night...
It was one of the hardest nights to drink this

When He was eating this
Roasted Parmesan Green Beans

OMG! Chicken
Zucchini Coconut Bread
He demolished the whole bag of green beans,
Decided the Chicken was the best He's ever had,
and I'm pretty sure that 1/2 the loaf of bread is gone already.

Dinners will probably change a little bit when I start introducing foods back into my diet,
But I'm still going to have to spoil him with LOTS of husband love!


  1. What a good wife! I would struggle with that food starring at me! I'm nervous about my 1-week juice cleanse. It's really just get some extra fruits and veggies in my diet and to kick-start eating healthier. I bought a bunch of stuff for it today, but I'm nervous! We'll see how it goes, luckily it's just for a week, but the drinks I picked to start out with sound really good!

    1. There has thankfully only been a few times when it has been hard! Like yesterday when I redeemed my free pizza from Papa John's....AHHHH, that smelled so good! HA! I'm going to try and get a post up today with some recipes for you, and some tips I've learned along the way!


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