Thursday, December 6, 2012

5th Anniversary of my 21st birthday

I decided when I turned 21 that I was going to stop celebrating birthdays....instead I was going to celebrate anniversaries of my 21st birthday.  The Mr. doesn't see it that way.  The Mr. is also in the dog house right now.  He decided that for my birthday He was going to share his cold with me.  Yup, he gave me a sore throat, congestion and a quickly fading & squeaky voice, all wrapped up nicely with a pretty pink bow.  Thanks alot.  Next time he gets sick he's sleeping in the guest room.  ha ha..j/k...but seriously... 

For real though, He did pretty good!  He gave me a Pea coat that he remembered me saying that I wanted last winter....
And a few months ago I told him that all I wanted for my birthday was 24 hours of uninterrupted time with him.  SO, Saturday after work he is whisking me off to a B&B.  No Cell phones allowed :)  I'm pretty stinking excited about it too.  We may get to work together all day long, but we are realizing that we had more QT together when we worked at separate jobs, we almost have to work harder now...But it's worth it!
Growing up my mom would always make us whatever we wanted on for our birthdays.  I would often choose Stuffed Shells.  Which I haven't had in years!  So when I was doing my meal planning last Friday, I decided to treat myself to Stuffed Shells for my birthday this year!  So last night I got it all prepared!
Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Shells

Meat & Cheese Stuffed Shells
I got them all stuffed & in the fridge, so when I get home all I have to do is pop them in the oven and Enjoy!  I used 2 boxes of shells, and 2 lbs of hamburg...but I made a 9x13 pan for tonight, an 8x8 pan to put in the freezer & another small tin to share with a friend!  I also baked 1/2 the meat into meatballs to freeze for meatball subs for a later meal.  I WAS going to make a Coconut Cream cake, but the Mr. reminded me that I really didn't have enough time. 
Tomorrow we are leaving work and my lovely sister is spoiling me with a birthday dinner at her house.  She always has something super delish for dinner, so I'm sure it will be a treat!
As I was typing...the flower lady showed up with a surprise delivery...

My Favorite In-laws sent me a beautiful boquet, with roses AND gerber daisies...2 of my favorite flowers...
and a sweet note, again proving that I am the favorite daughter-in-law... I would go as far to say that I'm the favorite in-law, but I'd hate to hurt my brother-in-laws feelings if he ever read this.  Hey, He started it!  I can't help it that I'm so wonderful ;) 

And the Mr. continues to spoil me with roses :)  So sweet!  I'm the ONLY girl He has given red roses to, so they remain pretty special :)  I'm pretty sure that saying my husband spoils me rotten is an understatement:)
I'm sure I'll be taking lots of pictures of my first birthday as a Norton, so I'll have make a sequel to this post after the weekend is over!

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