Tuesday, November 27, 2012

World....Meet Bryson

Dear World,
Meet Bryson.

Meet your parents
They Love you, a whole awful lot!
Your Daddy is pretty fond of you.  He's a pretty swell guy.  I think we'll keep him!  Your mommy is pretty amazing too!  You decided that you wanted to be cozy inside her for a few extra days, you just weren't quite ready to come out and meet us all!  She did a GREAT job of keeping you all safe for the past 10 months, but we are all glad you decided to finally join us!
Meet your Uncle Jt.  (You can call him ToTo, just don't tell him I told you that!)  He's pretty great too.  I'm a huge fan of him!  He wasn't so sure about holding you at first--but once He got you in his arms, He didn't really want to let go!  I think you and Him are going to get along great!  He'll teach you all about mud, four wheelers and old trucks. 

I wasn't able to get to be at the hospital when your mee-maw and pee-paw were there, but they were SO excited to finally meet you.  They even called us at 5 AM to tell us you were coming. 

You are a VERY loved little boy!  We are so blessed to have you in our lives!  I'm so excited to watch you grow up! 

~Love always,
Your Favorite Aunt ;)

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