Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sweating....A WHOLE awful lot... way too early in the morning

So I realized that my last post probably came across as a "whoa is me, I suck at life...", which is not at all how I meant it to come across at whole point was that I am in no way, shape or form qualified to write a blog, but I decided that it may be a good idea to start one to look back on one day about things I have learned, and maybe one day I will stumble upon something inspired (like using plain, unscented chapstick as a eyeshadow base to keep your eye shadow on all day long...I learned that from another girl's blog) & it will help somebody else.

Anyways. Continuing on...

The Fiance and I decided to start working out together.  And we decided to do P90x.  It's his fault.  He said, "let's do p90", and I called his bluff and said "ok, let's do it"....  We started on Monday.  The first work out was an hour of nothing but push-ups and pull-ups.  Guess how many pull-ups I can do?  NONE. Zip. Zero. Nada. So my pull-ups involve a chair, and my man spotting me.  As for push-ups, I do girly push-ups all the way.  Our first mistake was that we did our first work out Monday night...then did Day 2 Tuesday morning. AT.5.AM. And Day 2 is Plyometrics. Which is 60 gruesome minutes of jumping, squats, squats & jumping combined, lunges, jumping, & more jumping.  So we did 2 workouts within 12 hours of each other.  Today was day 3 (shoulders & arms), and I was anything BUT pleasant when He came and drug me out of bed at 5 am...    I used 5 lbs weights & by the time I was done I could barely lift my arms up in the air.   I am not a morning person.  I do not wake up well, I do not enjoy getting up early.  I enjoy sleep.  SO WHY AM I GETTING UP AT 5AM!?!?!  Because I want to be healthy & I know that I won't work out after I get home from work.  Tomorrow is Yoga.  1 1/2 hours of it.  Tomorrow however I get to sleep in, and we are doing it after work only because I baby sit for my sister on Wednesday nights & crash at her place. P90 is a 3 month, intense workout program, that literally kicks your butt into shape.  Tony Horton is insane.  We, however, are determined to complete it.  My man helps me get up in the morning, and I help keep him going.  Ultimately we want to get in shape & be what goes along with being healthy.  We through out our ice cream.  We both pack our lunches at night to not only save our money, but also to keep us from eating crap!  After we work out I make us scrambled eggs & oatmeal to ensure that we start out day our right.  And we also take VIBE, it's pretty much the best all inclusive multi-vitamin that there is.

As a side note...I made my own multi-purpose cleaner this week out of orange peels, salt, vinegar & water.  It take 3-4 weeks for the solution to set & strengthen before it's usable, so once I put it to the test I'll post the recipe for it!  Next on the list to make is homemade laundry detergent!

~Hillary Fay

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