Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A little less wisdom...

So tomorrow I'm having my first "surgery". 

My Dentist has decided that I have a little too much wisdom and that my wisdom teeth have got to go.  (ok--that was corn straight off the ear, deal with it.)  So tomorrow, I go under the knife.  Only one of my wisdom teeth has come through, and I've been having a lot of jaw pain on that side.  I guess another one of them has turned itself around backwards.  Fun times.

I've begun to freak myself out with the anesthesia.  I'm super sensitive to any kind of drug to begin with.  The thought of them putting a drug in my arm that will knock me out in 5-10 seconds flat REALLY just unnerves me.  

I was joking with my MR that I plan on keeping myself drugged up so that I just sleep through all the pain.  He didn't think it was very funny.  In fact, He told me that he was going to be in control of the pain meds.  Such a spoil sport!  

Tonight I'm going to start prepping my food so that my MR doesn't have a lot of work to do tomorrow.  Friday & Saturday I'll be fending for myself.  I'm going to boil some chicken for chicken soup, make some Jello, find some somewhat healthy popsicles, and juice some fruits and veggies!  I might even be a little naughty and make some vanilla custard.  I've decided I'm going to attempt to make it with almond milk, so it will be gluten and dairy free...just not sugar free!  We'll see how it turns out.

So until next time, I'll hopefully be sleeping, and getting my fix of Jello.


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  1. I would be a little nervous about getting anesthesia, too! I had all four of wisdom teeth out a few years a go, but just with local anesthetic instead of anesthesia--I felt actually MUCH more comfortable about that. But I heard more oral surgeons these days don't do the surgery without putting you out first. I'm not going to lie, the recovery wasn't fun. But you only have to do it once!


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