Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where did common decency go?

I realized last weekend that common decency is a thing of the past.
My car died at the beginning of last week.  It threw a rod even thought it had plently of oil. It wasn't worth fixing, so my husband decided to walk the track hoe over it and affectively crush it.  Well, the guy who works for us did that, but you get the point.
Needless to say, we had to go find  a car. 
My husband tints every vehicle that he owns.  He has a thing about not wanting people peering into our cars.  So, He sent me to the local tint shop to get it done.  This tint shop does a great job on their tint, but the only draw back is that they are a first come first serve basis. They open at 10 on Saturday, so I got there about 9:10, about 9:20 a charger pulls in, and at about 9:30 a civic  pulls in. 
When the owner’s pulled in at 9:45, the guy driving the civic gets out of his car, so of course I get out of my car.  He asked me if I was the first one here, and I told him yes, and that the charger was just a few minutes behind me. 
Here’s where it got shady.
When the owner’s of the tint shop started walking up to the building, the civic driver DASHED to the door to get ahead of me and the charger.  Not cool dude.  Not cool.
It annoyed me at first, but they work on two cars at once so it didn’t affect me personally.
When it took almost 4 hours for my car and the civic to get finished, I realized that this guy totally screwed over the Charger.  He knew exactly what he was doing. 
The guy that brought in the charger had to wait the 4 hours for our vehicles to get done, PLUS an additional 3-4 hours for his car to get done.  All because the Civic dude decided to be a butt. Thankfully the man was nice and laid back.  Me?  I wouldn’t have been as cool about it.
Now—I realize that we aren’t in kindergarten any more.  There is no, “Teacher, Teacher, Tommy budged in front of me”.  That just doesn’t cut it in the grown up world.
But come on folks.  Let’s have a little common decency and politeness. 

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  1. Aww, that's too bad. Certain people probably never will choose the most right or gracious path!


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