Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm a person that.....

I'm a person that ... 

...Really, really misses blogging.

...Hates the uncertainty of not knowing exactly what I am doing.

...Likes to be REALLY good at what I'm doing.

...If I'm either/both not sure of what I'm doing or not good at what I'm doing, I feel inept.

...does NOT like to feel inept or inadequate.

I'm a person that ...  

...If I know that a friend is having a bad day, I will send them flowers to cheer them up.

...appreciates it when my MR. sends me flowers when he knows I've been having a rough week.

...when I'm dead on my feet tired, will cook my husband an amazing meal like smothered chicken in a white 
   wine reduction sauce (recipe coming soon!) because I know that He needs a little extra lovin' that day.

...Is perfectly ok with spending all morning snuggled in the bed watching netflix

I'm a person that ...

...will choose the extra 15 minutes of sleep, every time, even if that means that I have to put some baking
   soda in my hair to covered up some of the grease because now I don't have enough time to shower. (don't

...thinks a perfectly acceptable breakfast is a handful of almonds and a piece of cheese as I'm running out the door late for work...

...falls asleep on the couch at 8:00 on a Friday night and doesn't remember going to bed at 10, and I'm ok
   with that

...Falls in love with my MR. even more when He brings me a towel that He heated up in the drier for when I
   get out of the shower

I'm a person that ... giving up my iphone for a regular flip phone (post to come later)

... will get up on early on a Saturday morning to make my MR. some homemade pancakes and then go back
     to bed

... feels SO loved when my MR. gets up in the middle of the night to get me a glass of water

....Is so thankful for the life long friends.  The friends that you may not talk to for months, but when you do
    you pick up where you left off like nothing happened.  Those are the friends that "get you" like no one   
    else can.   

...Does NOT like to be considered a "knucklehead" by the 1st lady.  I may be 27, but I don't dance on
   barstools, and I've been cooking since I was 10, so I know how to use a knife, Thank you.

I'm a person that...

Is okay with who I am.

(side bar.... I'm really hoping to get back into a blogging routine soon.  I just need to get the rest of my life in a routine first!  It will alllll make sense as soon as I am free to blog about it!)


  1. Great Post!! Miss you friend, even though I have an idea of what all is going on right now, I have no clue how hectic your life must be at this moment! Keeping y'all in my prayers - hope to visit soon too! :) I'm gonna be needing those new blog photo's we discussed!


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