Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Goals

I didn't make any New Years Resolutions this year.  I didn't even get around to writing my post on my word for the year, which is....

I am one of he most disorganized people when it comes to certain areas of my life.  Ok.  Maybe most of them.  But the crazy thing is, that I crave organization. 

Let's just be honest here....I'm just too lazy most of the times to do it. 

My Organization Goals for the month:

1. Get back to meal planning. 
I got away from this in November when I went to NY, and just never got back into it through the Holidays.  Well, it's beyond time to start.  If I don't meal plan it is inevitable that our eating habits go down the drain. 

2. Organize my pantry & freezer, and start an "inventory" list of what I have.
My Pantry looks like a tornado hit it.  It's ridiculous.  And I have no idea what is hidden in the back of my freezer.  I came across an inventory spreadsheet that I want to start using so that when it's time for meal planning I can easily look and see what's in my pantry and what meals I have in the freezer that I can use.  This will save me time and money.

3. Get on a schedule: A Daily Schedule AND a Cleaning Schedule
I desperately need to get in some kind of routine schedule.  I spend too many days of no routine, which inevitably makes me always run late, forget to do thing, and push other things that need to get done to the back burner.  It drives the Mr. Crazy. 

4. Make use of my day planner and start making lists
I can't even tell you how many times the Mr. asks me to do something, and I have every intention of doing it, and then I get distracted and forget.  My Memory is horrible when it comes to things like that.  I can remember something that happened 20 year ago like it just happened yesterday, but when it comes to remembering things I need to get done I need to write it on my hand with a permanent marker to remember!   I find that I get more done and waste less time if I have a list of things that I want to accomplish by the days end! 

5. Plan my Garden
This is my most exciting goal.  It's about that time of year to start thinking about my garden this year.  We are going to build some raised beds, and our neighbor is going to help us make some good soil!  I just need to sit down and plan what I want to grow, how much of it I want to grow, and the approximate space each plant is going to need so that we know how big and how many raised beds I need.  I'm going to attempt to start from seeds this year to save some money! 

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  1. I'm definitely one who thrives on organization and schedules--even as a kid my Mom often made me the official planner and organizer.

    And for a second I misread and thought your goal was to "Plant my Garden" and I was thinking that was an odd goal to have in February... :P Now I understand!


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