Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Finally Friday | Five on Friday


1.  I got my hair cut last night.  I fairly finicky about who I let touch my hair, and I was trying out a new girl (who is phenomenal by the way!) .  I know that it's "just hair", and it will grow back... but IT'S MY HAIR, and it take a LOOOOONG time to grow back.  I even got some highlights, which is the first time I have EVER done that.  I tried coloring my hair in 2009, with disastrous results, and swore I would never play with the color of my hair again.  But, my MR. happens to LOVE highlights... so I gave in this once!  I was SO tempted to cut my hair all off, and I was still undecided when I sat in Emily's chair.  I showed her the 2 pictures (1 long & 1 short) that I was going towards, and explained that I was all set to cut it until my Mr (who always says, "do whatever you want with your hair") pulled the "Please don't cut your hair" line the other night when he was playing with it.  She told me something along the lines of, "If I had someone that loved me and asked me to not cut my hair, I probably wouldn't cut it either" ... And when the decision was made, I realized that I had too many doubts about cutting it to cut it all off !  So I kept my locks.

The 2009 Epic color FAIL...

2009 Color Fix
2014 before & After

2. My Sister-in-law is going to the hospital to be induced on Sunday evening.  Your prayers will be greatly appreciated for both her and little C, who will potentially be needing surgery soon after He is born!  We are going to babysit B tonight so that J&D can go on one last date before their life gets flipped upside down with 2 small children, 14 months apart!
3.  I will be flying to Florida on Wednesday to see my Sister, and hopefully my nephew.  He was due on January 6th, and has yet to make an appearance.  He seems to be quite comfy and snug right now, and his stubborn streak already seems to be showing.  Come on little man, we are SO ready to meet you!
4. We FINALLY got a Jason's Deli!  Whoop Whoop!  I was introduced to Jason's Deli in 2007 when I lived in Virginia.  It was almost 2 years after I moved to Mississippi that I found the Jason's Deli in Memphis.  I got my Mr. hooked on it shortly after we got married, and a few times a year we would drive up to Memphis, hit a movie and have an early or late dinner at Jason's Deli.  My BFF text me a few weeks ago and told me that we were getting one here!  The Mr. took me to it last night after my hair appointment.  Their Salad bar is like a Salad bar on crack.  That's what I get every time I go! 
5.  I've finally decided on my 2014 word.  I'm excited about it.  The Mr. is excited about it.  You'll be able to find out about it next week! 
Happy Friday Y'all!!!!!


  1. Your haircut looks really cute!!! I'm glad you kept it long for your man. :-)

  2. Pretty new hairstyle!! It is scary to let someone work on your hair--that's the primary reason that I avoid haircuts until my hair starts driving me absolutely crazy.

  3. I love your hair cut! And so jealous y'all have a Jason's I LOVE that place!


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